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CLEARED FOR SEA. Jan 20 Ville d'Eu s 306, Cook, Creport, gen, bunkers 60 John Harrison Ltd; coal '300, Harrison Tids- well; coal 200. E W Cook and Co Teesdale s i90 hraunton, Middlesbro, coal 3OO, Oleeves & Co banters 30, Geo Lennard Holland s 9438, Prentice, Itacoatiara & Porto Velho, fuel 1980, Livingston & Co bankers 1400, J H Burgess Start s 341, Olsen, Rouen, coal 850, Glanymor Co bunkers 50. H Goldberg St Patrick b245, McMiillan, Rouen, coal 740, R L Morgan bunkers 6u, Howell and Jones Kursk s 694, Gommesen, Genoa, coal 1000, E W CooK bonkers 180, Williams & Hehenna City of Liverpool a 657, Tyrrell, Hamburg, coal 1050, bunkers IIO, Inter. Anthra. Assoc. Ltd gen, Burgess and Co Baltic 69, Thomas, Barry, barley 130, Weaver & Co G Player s 266, George, Rouen, coal 750. T P R Richard*; bunKers 70, J u Smi7h Bishop ROCKCS 193 Candlish, Caen, coal 580, Depeaux; bunkers 60, J E Fisher Ed Greig s 597, Gregersen, Marans, coal 1200. bunKers 60, Graigola Co Gransha s 487, Roberts, Rouen, coal 1550, Ha) ri Bon Tidswell bunkers 73 T FenwicK Cedric s 679, Paulsson, Penarth, nil Apollo s 1112, Poole, Bristol, nil Gracie s 669, Norberg, Boulogne, coal 1620, Wil liams & Behenna; bunKers 90 Harries Bros Volpone a 185, Hughes, Dublin via Cardiff, gen, Michael Murphy Annan s 46tJ, Whyte, Glasgow, gen, M Jones and Bro Onistreham a 149, Luco, Caen, coal 540, E. W, COOK; bunkers 40, Stock wood Rees and Co Jan 21 Truthful s -2S0, Silvester, Manchester, general Wbittingham and Co Atanci s 78, Dodd, Dublin, coal 140, Dillwyn Co bunkers 15, P Marrow Algerie s 1535, Duryckx, Barcelona via Malaga, fuel 2540, Morgan Wakley bunkers 45u, Geo Lennard and Co Boconnoc 37, oIones, Aberthaw, nil Fane s 698, Lovdal, Seville, coal 1450, bunkers 190, A Andrews and Co A I s 66, Poole, B'water, flour 90, feeding cake 30, Weaver and Co;1 bunkers 10, G Shepherd Marie s 67, Redmond, Ark low, sulphuric acid empty drums, Britonfert-y Chemical Co SnowflaKe a 36, Irwin, Barnstaple, flour 11 J, feeding cake 10, Weaver and Co bunkers 5, Shepheid and Co Elamore s 549, Bowie, Havre, coal 1160, L. G Jeffreys & Co bunkers 50, Harries Bros Alacrity s 531, Colvin, Rouen, coal 123U, Mons. Depeaux bunkers 70, Harries Bros SJateiord s 88, McLeod, Belfast, coal 330, Vivian & Sons; bunkers 2O, Harries Bros Ravensbeig s 638, Buschen, Caen, coal 830 E W CooK bunkers 50, H Goldberg La Fontaine s 1338, Porcreau, Chantenay, coal 1800, fuel 1100 bunkers 95, L Gueret Constance s 164, Humphreys, Neathabbey nil Astillero s 895, Ontanon, Nantes, coal 2100, Watts, Watts and Co Aquilla s 1407, Annersen, Philadelphia, bunkers 570, Williams and Behenna Jan 22 Spes "s 52 Borge, Barcelona, coal 730, fuel 300, bunkers i'iO. L Gueret New York City s 1875, Barclay, New York gen bunkers 600, Richards Turpin and Co Westman,and s 916, Nilsson, Stettin, coal 1800, Inter. Anthra. Assoc; bunkers 250, Lambert and Co Eppleton s 565, Evans, Rouen, coal 1150, Inter. Anthra. Assoc; bnnkers 60, Harriet Bros Ravenworth s 479, Gent, Neath, nil The Lady Belle s 99, Comish, L'pool, bunkers J Bacon Ltd Sunlight s 277, Dawson, L'pool, gen, John Becon l asso a 1120, Watkins, Antwerp via Rotterdam, general, Bristol Steam Na iigatioz Newent r- 613, Bolton, London, coal 1250, Glas- brook Bros; bunkers 60, Redgrave and Co Norseman s 86, Davies, Bristol, nil Pulteney s 78, Curnow, Hayle, coal 340, bunker 25, GlasBbrook Bros Hematite s 302, Campbell, Caen, coal 890, Grai- gola Co bunkers 60, W H Jenkins January 2M Vegbtstroom s 829, Vos Amsterdam, "general, bunKers 100, coal 200, T H Couch; coal 100, R L Morgan Swansea Trader s 245, Sutherland, London, coal 320, Evans and Rcid Princess Patricia s 275, Hull &c, geD, Tucker and Co Vivienne s 743, Olsen, Bordeaux, fuel 1075, Pacific Fuel Co; coal 400, Stephen Jones Perim s 851, Fort, Oporto and Lisbon, general, J H Burgess Dunards 56, McKee, Campbeltown, coal 180, Napier & Do: bunkers 10, E T Agius M 110 8 19f, Hunt, Rotterdam, general, Bristol Steam Navigation Co; coal 1000, E WendLoff: coal 100, T P R Richards; bxnKcrs 130, Ocean Co Alice M Craig » 333, Black, Rouen, coal 1200, E W Cook bunkers 70, J E Fisher Cyclone s 631, Roberts, Biemen, coal 850, In- gram and Co Theory s 183, Mitchell, Cardiff. nil Tweed s 498, MeConnell, Glasgow, gen, M Jones and Bto Fraternity s 270, Bannister, Rouen, coal 400, E W Cook and Co; gen, bunkers 90, M Jones& Bro Jan 25 Olivia s 111, Greenslade, Poole and Shoreharn, flour 230, Weaver and Co; bunKers 15, P. Marrow Annie Jones 76, Clausen, Xrepo.-t coal 160, E W COOK and Co City of Malaga s 591:1, King, Hamburg, general, J H Burgess bunkers 150, International Anthracite Assoc coal 300. Gwaun Cae Gur- wen City of Frankfort s 52O, Pedersen, Hamburg, coal 1100, bunkexs 150, Inter. Anthia. Assoc, Princes? Alexandria s 319, Masson, Mantes and ilordeaux, gen, J H burgess; coal 270, Clay & Co; coal 2oU, E W Cook and Co Andalusiin s 1142, Gomes, Genoa &c, gen, J. H. Burgess Pelaw s 920, Gray, London opt Rochester, coal 970, Evans & Reid bunkers 50, Clee, es & Co Hairing on s 777, Way, Rouen, coal 1750, ban- kers id, r H Coward and bona Repertors Çjg, AlligLon, Oul ton, coal 188, J Grea trex bunkers 20, Harries Bros Vectis s 567, Allan, ';couen, coal 1100, T. P. R, Richai ds bunKers 50, Harries Bros Cap Spartel s 582, Klavdt, Oran, coal HOC E W Cook bunKers 150, rla: des Bros NeLtleton s 1535, Webster, St Nazaire, coal 33U0, E W COOK bnnkers IgO, Harries Bros Tees s 222, Tay ior, London, coal 24u, R L Mor- gan coal 420, Cory Bros; bunkers 25, Harries B.os Ardchdttan s t:5, McDougall, Coleraine, coal 260 Cory Bros bunkers 30, HarricB Bros Orne s 445, Pierre, Troaville, coal HOC, Tirdon- kin Cc bunkers 60, W G Foy Corneilla s Baron, Chantenay, coal 3o00, bunkers 90, L Gueret Segoniian s 737, Jones, Marseilles, coal 1400, L. G Jeffreys bunkers 303, R E James Princess Helena s 246, Quayle, Aberdeen, gen, TucKer and Co Castio Urdiales s 1146, Cavia, Nantes, coal 2200, T P Richards bunkers 125, W Perch Lackenby s 1346, ParKinson, Naples, coal 2600, Pwilbach Co; bunkers 510, Redgrave and Co Moorish Princes ±427, Oliver, Alexandria, fuel 1500, Graigola Co; coal 900 Livingston and Co G Savages 68, Ashton, Newport, nil Mistletoe 45, Ley, Newport, flour 56, Weaver & Co


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