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CLEARED FORSEA. A -v- Jan 25 Olivia s Ill, Greenslade, Poole and Shoreham, flour 230, Weaver and Co; bunKers 15, P. Marrow Annie Jones 76, Clausen, Treport coal 160, E W CooK and Co City of Malaga s 5$y, King, Hambnrp, general, J H Burgess bunkers 150, International Anthracite Assoc coal 300. Gwaun Cae Gur- wen City of Frankfort s 520. Pedersen, Hamburg, coal 1100, bunkers ioO, Inter. Antha. Assoc. Princess Alexandria s 319, Ma«son, Nantes and Kordeaux, gen, J U Burgees; coal 270, Clay & Co; coal 2QU, E VV Conk and Co Andalusian s 1142, Gomes, Genoa &c, gen, J. H. Burgess Pelaw s 920, Gray, London opt Rochester, co .1 970, Evans & Reid bunkers 50, Clee* es & Co flnrrington s 777, Way, Rouen, coal 1750, bun- kers ;10, P H Coward and Sons Repertor s 09, Allieton, Outton, coal 188, J Grea trex bunkers 20, Harries Bros Vectis 9 567, Allan, Kouen, coal 11U0, T. P R, Kichaid* bunKers 50, Harries Bros Cap Spartel s 5S2, Klavdt. Oran, coal HOC E W Cook bunKers 150, Hatries Bros Nettleton s 1535, Webster, St Nazaire, co.I 3300, E W CooK bnnkers 19°, Har ries B roi I Tees s 222, Taylor, London, coal 240, R L Mor- gan coal 420, Cory Bros bunkers 25, Harries Bros Ardchattan s f5, McDougall, Coleraine, coal 260 Cory Bros bunkers 30, Harries Bros Orne 8 445, Pierre, Trouville, coal 1100, Tirdon- kin Co bunkers 60, W G Foy Cosnrille s 1408, Baron, Chantenay, ooal8000, bunkers 90, L (ineret Segontian s 737, Jones, Marseilles, coal;1400, L. G Jeffreys bunkers 300, R E Jamea Princes* Helena s 246, Quayle, Aberdeen, gen, TocKer and Co Castro Urdiales s 1146, Cavij, Nantes, coal 2200, T P Richards bnnkers 125, W Perch Lackenby s 1348, ParKinson, Naples, coal 2600, PwllbachCo; bunkers 510, Redgrave and Co Moorish Princes 1427, Oliver, Alexundaia, fuel 1500, Graigola Co; coal 900 Livingston and Co G Savage s 68, Ashton, Newport, nil Mistletoe 45, Ley, Newport, flour 56, Weaver & Co



THE Swansea Coal Market.I


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