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-..-Swansea Harbour -

- North Dock.

South Dock.

I Prince of Wales Dock I

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I Prince of Wales Dock I Dock Master IVGREEN, -f) Chatfield s 1904, Hunt, Port Nolloth Cheriton s 685, George, Pomaron Clanstad s 408, Morland, Antwerp Corneille s 1408, Baron, Liverpool Cyclone s 638, Roberts, Liverpool Castro Urdiales s 1143, Cavia, Liverpool Duchess oi York s 1648. Storm, Antwerp Dunsley s 1254, Roper, Bordeaux Elakoon 605, Gronross, Risor Llandaff City s 1196. Fitt, Bristol Lackenby s 1347, Parkinson, Rotterdam Lycidas s 321, Gorley, Cowes Pbonix s 1276, Larsen, Tilt Cove Rotherfield s 1843 Farrant Port Nolloth Segontian s 757, Evans, Liverpool Tudor s 670, Higgins, Rouen Trafalgar s 996, Samuel Rivadeo Trevorian s 1442, WoolcocK, Odessa ARRIVED. Jan 23 a;m Madeleine s 561, LeBasmer Caen Nettleton s 1534 Webster Bristol Princess Alexandra a 319 Masson Garston t City of Malaga s 598 King Bristol Perim 8.11 Port Liverpool Jas W Fisher s 153 Garretl Garston January 23 p.m. Torsfein s 695 Olden Bilbao Herritgton s 776 Way Ss Nazaire January 24 a.m Kolozsvar s 1210, Blaze vie, Bordeaux January 24 a.m Veratyr s 889 Villadsen Antwerp Andalusian s 1142 Domes Liverpool W H L 89 Doyle, Dublin Village Bell 79, Grimes Dublin Pelaw s 519 Gtay London SAILED Jan 23 a.m Westmanland s 916, Nilsson, Stettin Aquila s 1407, Andersen, Philadelphia Eppleton 8,575, Evans, Rouen New YorK City a 1875, Barclay, New York Jan 23 p.m. Perim s 851, Port, Lisbon and Oporto Hematite s 302, Campbell, Caen Veghtstroom s 829, Vos, Amsterdtm Alice M Craig s 333, BlacK, Rouen Vivienne s 743, Olsen, Bordeaux Jan 24 a.m Milo s 896, Hunt, Rotterdam January 24 a.m Ravensworth s 479, Gent, Neath Abbey'

I Vessels in River.

I Fish MarKetr

Graving Docks. j