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Misrober and DlgenfM

Terrestrial Oases In the Chromosphere.


Terrestrial Oases In the Chromosphere. Owing to their proved relationship to heliunt Professor S. A. Mitchell, of Columbia University., suspected that the gases neon, argon, krypton, aai tenon might be found to exist in the chromosphere and h order to test his supposition he compared tbt wave lengths of the lives in their respectivt spectra with the wave-lengths of the chromosphorU spectrum obtained by himself during the Sumatra eclipse. As a result of his comparison Professoa Mitchell comes to thA conclusion that lines due t4 neon and argon are present in the chromospheril S{x»ctrum, but the evidence as to the presence of krypton and xenon is, at present, inconclufjive. Lines which are due to the more volatile ga"s at I the earth's atmosphere (i.e., those which are UJI- eondensed at the temperature of liquid hydrogen), as published by Livemg and Dewar, and tbt Strongest argon iines, are also represented in t)M 8pectrum of the chromosphere. Professor Mitchell,sts that these gases may have come to the earth's atmosphere from the sun, as suggested h) the theory put forward by Arrhenias, which sup* poses that ionised particles are constantly being repu^d by the pressure of light, and thus journal bau OM tun to mother.


THE Swansea Coal Market.


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