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Swansea Harbour Trust. --


Swansea Harbour Trust. Weekly Trade Report. Officially Communicated. There was only a very limited supply of tonnage in the week, and compared with fhe corresponding period of last year there is a decrease fn the total of imports and m excess of the increase of the previous week. The shipments of coal and patent fuel were 64,478 tons. Imports include--Sweden 79 tons copper matte, Germany 215 tons general, Hol- land and Belgium 450 tons general, France 1800 tons pitwood. 120 tons general, Spain 1750 tons pyrites, Portugal 1100 tons pit- wood and 1456 tons pyrites. Cape of Good Hope 2447 tons copper regulus, and 1887 tons copper ore. Imports 14,697 tons, exports 70,287 tons and total trade 84,984 tons compared with 129,647 tons the previous week and 115,092 tons the corresponding week last year. Shipments of coal were— Sweden 5950 tons. Germany 4495 tons, Holland and Belgium 1110 tons, France 28,965 tons, Spain 2680 tons, Italy 1900 tons, Spanish Forth Africa 410 tons, Alexandris 240 tons, New York 600 tons, Brazil 200 tons, Home ports 4593 ions, total 58,568 tons. Patent fuel—France 2335 tons Spain 180 'tons, Italy 1600 tons, Alexandria 1000 tons, Brazil 800 tons total 5,915 tons. Tinplates and general goods 5,809 tons, the latter for Denmark Germany, Hol- land and Belgium; France, Portugal, Italy Alexandria, New York, Brazil, and ahome ports. Shipments of tinplate 100,430 boxes, and receipts from works 71,779 boxes. Stocks in the dock warehouses and vans, 106,903 boxes compared with 189,354 boxes this day week and 122,636 boxes at this date last year To load—Hero and Tassa for Antwerp, Juno and Veghtstroom for Amsterdam, Milo Jor Rotterdam, Rogaland for Copenhagen and Stettin, Adolf for Gothenburg, Princess Alexandria for Nantes and Bordeaux, Se- fontian and Brescia for Mediterranean ports few York City for New York, Vessels in dock-Steam 40; sail 89; 4ot tl 79. r


Local Chartering.


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PliMphorericem Bacteria.

Micro" Photography and Armour…

Diamonds and X-Raya.

The Myatery of the Echo