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THE FIREMAN'S TRAGIC TALIS. he said, aa he mopped his brow with a fireman's handkerchief. I used to know a gentle old cuss here on our run who di» odd jobs and worked faithfully. Ht ha.d a sweet little flaxen-haired ohild. Can you use that? "Yes." to Well, he used to come down town evenings tad we would meet at the Busy Bee to visit end play a game of Old Sledge.' We never played for the drinks, but we would often, when it was time to go home, offer to shake each othet lor the drinks. I do not drink now, even beer." "And what was this shaking for the drinka?" Why, nothing at all, only we shook dice fat the beer, and the one who lost paid for it. See? "And how old war .:he flossy-haired child 108 speak of? She was then twelve years old. At the tine of the accident, however, she was about eighteen* It was a foggy night. We were late. You will notice that I use good grammar. Put the prints* on that, will you, please? Story firemen and ow gineers always use poor grammar and spell e gttle queer. They also swear a little ana list. The actual fireman or engineer does not dc thai mnlees he is filling up a young person. We gen* rally talk very little to visitors in the cab. for « have to look out for our trains. We are not here to sit for our photograpfefl Or tell ple»-«*tig prevarications to people who get large prices per column for them afterwards; but we have a, little open stretch of road here, and SO will talk between work, as you eeem to be a pdain man, barring the high hat, which has to Business on a looomotive." "Well?" Well, it was a foggj night, and we had it hustle not only to make our regular time, but to keep out of the way of late trains. It was tight along here that I looked ahead between Scoops of coal and saw a girl going down the ftraok with her back this way, and I concluded she was crying a good deal, for she had her mail lip to her eyes all the time, and, of course, that kept her from hearing the train. We whistled, hut she didn't hear. I told Harry, and he No versed and all that, but I saw I'd got to get out on the pilot and help, no doubt; vo I crept out there in just time to catch this fai, young girl by her blonde and beautiful Psyche knot and ewinf her free of the track." And did you save hoi'? "Yes, I saved her. It wasn't romantic, and Crti'll have to change it a good deal if you print but that was the way it happened. "Who was it?" If It was this little blonde girl of Mfleses." "And what did he say about it?" Well, first he didn't know what to say, anfc then he says. for he is not a man of many word% and also he is a poor ~nan, but he did catch ma by the hand and his chin trembled, for she was his only child and her mother is dead, but he took a scrap of cotton waste out of ray pockni •nd wiped hk <iyes with it and said: 'Old man, I cannot recall what fathers do when their deaf and only daughters are jerked from the jaws of death, but if you will excuse the bluntness of a %sin old man I will shake you for the drinks/1*