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CLEARED FOR SEA. O January 1'! Talbot s 28o Owens, Liverpool, general, bunkers 12 John Bacon Ltd Val de rravers s 276, McLean, Trepor t via Port Talbot, gen, coal 350, bunKers 60, J Harrison Marie Therese s 1094, Froese Stettin, coal 2300, bunkers 220, later. Anthrp. Association Adam Smith s 117 Griffiths, Troon, bunkers 10, Harries Bros Austrian s 2028, Furneanx, Alexandria &c. fuel 1000. W G Foy co d 240, gen, J H Burgess City of Belfast s 522, Kelly, Hamburg, coal IG50 bnnKera 120, International Anthra. A-L-oc. Staghound a 152, Campbell, Fecamp, coal 560, l) W Cook and Co Truthful s iSO. Silvester, Manchester, general Whittingham and Co Sir Joseph 64, Addison, St Malo, coal 110, Harri "on Tidswell and Co Hetty 90, Andrews, Guernsey, coal 170 Harrison Tidswell and Co Traveller 1^6, Truscott, W Hartlepool, coal 310, John Hodgens Stamfordham » 523, Phillips, Barry, nil Annetta Maria 91, Evvard, La Rochelle coal 170 It W Rowland Doonglen s 52, Cook Bristol, gen, M Murphy Volpone s 185, Hughes, Dublin via Cardiff, gen, Michael Murphy Arendal s 876, Olsen, Barcelona, fuel J 80, Grai- gola Co; coal 1430 Randell & Co bunkers no Redgrave & Co Eva s 736, Salvesen, Bayonne, coal 1450 Depeaux bunkers 60, Kedgrave and Co Tasso a 1123, Watkine, Antwerp via Bristol, gen Bristol Steam Navigation Cardiff Trader e 33v>, Rich, London via Llanelly gen, Tucrer and Co Emily s 69, Bennett, S aundsrsfcot nil Jan 14 Pioneer 29, Williams, Newquay, culm 56, S and J Hill Aurora 36, Hole, Watchet via Neath, rags 3, ships account Sagenite s 288, Campbell, Roaen, coal 850 South Wales, Anthracite Co bunKers 30 W H Jen- kins Onyx f 223, McPhail, Cherbourg, fuel 330, coal 320, Societe Corrmerciale; bunkers 50, W. A. Jenkine City of York s 24, Payne, Bristol, gen, Michael Murph y The Emperor s 234, McAlister, Rouen, coal 720, International Anthra. Assoc bunkers 50, Harries Bros BergviK s 7^9, Peterson, Stockholm, coal 1800, bunkers 250, A Andrews Loango 80, Flynn, Ballinacurra, coal 165. Evans and Revan William 60, Kearon. Ellesmere port, kerbing stones 120, G Shepherd and Co Newent s 613, Bolton, London, coal 1250, Glas- biooK Bros bunkers 60, Redgrave and Co Dana a 486, Maitnifen, Santander, coal 150, coke 200, Le Ray Hardy & Co; coal 500, T T Pascoe bunkers 120 Redgrave and Co Cairnytan s 1060, Murray, Genoa, coal 2120, E W Cook bunKers 330, Simpson Bros Camille s 501, David, Rouen, coal 1380, bunkers 70, Dapeaux Algerian a 1138, Nash, Genoa &c, general, J H Burgesua Jan 15 Abertawe s 815, Light, La Rochello, coal 1750, L Gueret bunkers 120, David and Co beryl s 770, Keay, Syracuse, fuel 9u0, coal 200, Atlantic Co; bunkers 350, fi J Marshall Jeanne et Rene 72, Bargain, Lannion, coal 135 F W Merchant Union 130, LeHuce, Redon, coil 215 Cwmaman Co Kingsley s 342, Stevenson, Rouen, coal 760, Sth Wales Anthra Co bunkers 40, Harries Bros Venedotian s 734, Williams, Marseilles, fuel 1500, Societe Commerciale gen, R E James Stella s 761, Abeg, Uddevalla, coal Gollyceidrim Co coal, E W Cook bunkers H Goldberg Alice M Craig s386, Black, Rouen, coal 1150, P. H Coward & Sons bunkers 70, J E Fisher Bass Rock s 357, Boden, Caeu, coal 850, Evans & Rogers; bunkers 40, J E Fisher Portadown s 78, McConnell, Neath, nil Fasquale P s 1702, Cippero, Genoa, coal 2800, fuel 400, E T Agius bunkers 600, Livingston and Co Regina 41, Russaia, Milford, coal 85, Margaave and Co January 16 Wm Balls s 1595, Ward, Genoa, coal 3300, E. T Agius bunkers 415, F Fenwick Jenny s476, Hansen, Caen, coal 900, E W Cook bunkers 70 Ettrick s 465, McConnell, Glasgow, gen, M. Jones and Bros New Pioneer s 320, Gemmell, Rouen, general, M Jones and Bro Princess Olga s 439, Collister, Hull &e, general, Tucl' er & Co Hero s 1164, Atherton. Antwerp, gen, B. S. N. Co coal 300, F W Merchant; coal 3C0, Wes- ter 1 Valleys Co Lizzie 66. Nicholas, Watchet, coal 120, T, P. R. Richards January 18 Portaferry s 74, James, Biistol, gen, M Murphy Julia s 75, Luxon, B'water, coal 185. Thomas & Co Circe s 512, LeMasson, Caen, coal loGO, bunkers 80, P H Coward hnd Sons Grace 93, MurdocK Cherbourg, coal 200, Main Colliery Co Speedwell s 570, Leddra, Rouen, coal 1300, ban- Kers 50, E. W. Cook and Co Blanche Rock s 171, A^hcroft, Rouen, coal 540, Williams & Behenna bunkers 60, Fisher and Co Jeanne 75, LeQuennec, La Rochelle, coal 150, E W COOK and Co Juno s 828, Owen\ Amsterdam, gen, B S. N. Co; coal 500, Western Valleys Co; bunkers 1C0, Ocean Co Hildur s 580, Rasrnnssen, bunkers 100, H Gold- berg