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Swansea Harbour --OPFtCiSRS-

North Dock.

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Dock Master D." G. DAVTES. —o — Baltic 69 Thomas, Youghal Four Brothers 74, Lathom, Dror>heda Fane s 697, Voden, Unelva Flying Foam 84 Collinga, Antwerp Golden Light 103 Trewain, Fareham Grace 29 Murdock, Shoveham Henrik Bjelke s 871, Hansen, Dublin Hannah M Bell a 1933, Cooper, Bristol John Ewing 95 N armaa. Watchet Loango 79 Flynn. Plymouth Peari 91, McLynn, Chatham Ossiän s 97, Thomas, St Brieux Peter James 79 Silvey, Gloucester Supan Vittery 99 Davies Waterfoid Traveller 166, Truscott, London. William 59 ciearoii, Kinsal" Woolwich Infant 48 Quick, Penzance ahkivkd January 19 p.m. La Fontaine s 1337, Poirsan, Chantenay Annie Jones 76, Clau-en, Watehet Welsh Trader s 437, Harston. Cardiff Volpone s 186, Hughes, Dublin January 10 a.m. Teesdale s 191), Brunton, Dundalk SA1LE1- January 19 p.m Obsidian s 309, Miller, St Brieux Jeanne et Rene 72 Bolden, Lannion Agra s 63, Jones Bristol Gauloise 99 De Gallon, Martagne DooDglen s 50, Cook, Tenby Precursor 71, Tope, Par i Jan 20 a m Sir Joseph s64 Addison, St Malo

South Dock.

Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels in River. -0-

;.••Fish Maricetr

G raving Docks.

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