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Swansea Harbour --OPFtCiSRS-

North Dock.

South Dock.

Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels in River. -0-

;.••Fish Maricetr

G raving Docks.

[No title]

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THE I* + DENMATlONS Of FREEDCX. "As I emerged from the head I floated op and down and laterally hxe a 80" p-bubblt attached to the bowl of a pipe, until I at iaflf broke looee from the body und fell'lightly to the floor, where I slowly rose and expanded into the full stature of a man. I seemed to be tra- hteent, of a bluish cast, and perfectly naked. With a painful senso of embarrassment I flod e toward the partially open door to escape th. •ym of the two ladies whom I was facing as wel IS others whom I knew were about me, but upoa ■•aching the door I found myself clothed, aad fatiflfied upon that point I turned and faced tha tompany." He saw the mourners round hia corpse, and Iried in vain to make them realise his presenot Ha marvelled tha.t he felt eo wonderfully waVj be passed out of d.)ors and travelled swiftly through the air. But he did not pass into tbil siber world.

HOW HA Came Bacz.