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Swansea Harbour

- ----.----.--'--------------I.North…

South Dock. I

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South Dock. I Dock Master D. EVANS, R.N.R. Audacieuse 100 Roulet, St Vaiery Annetta Marie 91 Evraid, Appeldore Arsene 147 Pendu, Belle lie COLgress s 697 Dabbert Rouen Cedric s 678, Paulsen, Bordeaux Dorothy s yt Boardman sea Denis Papin 98 Leroy, Sables Elakoon 605, Gronross, Risor Hetty 90 Andrewa Bantry Hero (yt) Bond, sea Hannah Croasdell 141, Folt, Chatham Invicta 73 Jewell, Plymouth Iron King 43 Ashford, Bideford Jessie 90 Gill, Plymouth Jeanne 75 Le Guinnie, Etel Lydia Cardell 170 Tyrrell, Preston Linn O'Dee s 282 Bie, Treport Marie Celine 75, Wale", Penryn Normandy p,s 261, Combe Nanine Agh e 167, Coheleac, Redon Osprey (yt) Parsons, Barry Pauline 88 Coyee, Quimper Kival 100, Lamey, Falmouth Regina 41, Rus an, Milford Saga 156 Olsen, Greenhithe Stucley 32 Found, Bude Union 113 Le Hnce, Vannes Vivian (yt) Shea, Port Talbot William vt 1. Granham, ph.* arrived January 18 p.m Prestonian s 367, Cogley, Liverpool January 19 a.m NH SAILED. Jan 18 p.m Julia s 85, Luxon, Bristol January 19 a.m Blanche Rock 8 171, Ashcroft, Rouen

I Prince of Wales Dock I

IVessels in River. I

IIFish MarKetr II

IGraving Docks. !

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