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V .1 i(U)\iK & C(\:aPV .• I: El# • a & I fk ▼ At C^t v 1 t The South Wales Clothiers, General Outfitters and Boot Merchants, 15 and 16, W ind Street, Sw B :<1 *^08;. PORT TALBOT. I- w- I- and made OIICBIKTIsrS [ Complete Outfits To suit all CI -fees and Climates Every description of BGOTtt SHOES AAA A A- A A A A A A /V.A. A A A A A A A A A A A A Jl AT kinds of SEAMEN'S BEDDING kept in stock and made to order. YTVVVVTVVVTVTVVVVTVVTTVVTYVTTTTTVVTTYTTVV. tishermer-'s Complefe Outfits Fishermen's r oods a speciality APPRENTICES COMPLETE OUTFITS kept in stock or made to order. BUSINESS lVIEN I Whqt about your." PRINTING Shfifll 0 ClO it ( irculars to exactly imitate Typewriting on Customers' own stationery for you ? ;v,, if desired. Quotations free. /VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVv'vvvvvvvv'\ Vaugh&n's Printing Works 1, Salubrious Place, SWANSEA. I Subscript u Order iform I for "Daily Shipping Regis te r. wvwvvwwwwwvwww Please enter Name as subscriber to the Swansea Daily Shipping Register," for which, enclose, One Quarter's Subscription. JVame Address To the Manager, J, Salubrious Place.


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