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The* DockS^oonsist of the Prince of Wales i)ock, the North Dock, and the South Dock each equipped with modern applianeeF for the rapid loading and Hr.. loading: of vessels. The Entrance.Channel to the Harbour is lighted by means of Gas Buoys The New King's DOCK capalle of accommodating the largest vessels afloat is expected to be opened for traffic this year. The Quays are 19,000ifeet|in length The Warehouses contain a floor area of 288,000 equare feet. The Railways of:the Trust have direct connections with the Great Western, London and North Western, Midland, and Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railways. There are 26 Coal Tips, and 80 Hydraulic, steam and Hand Cranes. Swansea Is the CentrejOf the Anthracite Coal district. There are more Patent^^Fuel Works in Swansea than at any other port in the Kingdom and the Fuel is held in high repute in Continentall,ane otbet markets. There is a Large Area:of Land available for Fuel Works, Creosote Works Saw Mais and other commercial purposes. Lines of Steamers run between Swansea and the following ports, viz. New York, Baltimore Philadelphia, Singa- pore, Hong Kong, Yokohama, Nagasaki, Hiogo, Java ports, Rio de Janerio, Santas Kosario, Montevideo, Buenos Ayres, Ports in Chili and Peru, St. Petersburg, Hamburg Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp. Treport, Rouen, Nantes, Bordeaux, Oportow Lisbon, Setubal. Barcelona, Genoa, Leghorn, Venice, Trieste, Fiume, ports in Greece, Constantinople and other Turkish ports Galatz, Ibrail, Odessa, Batoum.^Alex indria &c. Within the Harbour are Nine Graving Docks. Extensive provision has been made for the Fish Trade, in the South Dock. The Swansea Fleet now numbers about 80 Steam Trawlers in addition to Liners and Smacks. Pilotage.-The Trustees are the Pilotage Authority. Pilotage is noncorn- pulsory, both inward and outwards. Rates and Charges, -arp. moderate. The Mumbles Lighthouse Signal Station is worked by the Trustees. Vessels calling for orders can communicate with their Owners without lowering a boat—good and sheltered free anchorage being found unaer the Mumbles Head at any state of the tide The Trustees have erected on the Mumbles Head a Reed Fog Horn Signal giving three blasts of about two seconds' duration in quick succession every two minutes. For information on any point connected with the Port and Harbour, apply ,to— WILLIAM LAW, General Manager Registered Address for Telegrams- '< LAWg'JSWANSEA.