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Where ttrong men have wIIr., wtw* aoee tMu iUm. A man seldom begin* to llMW III. tempo aaMl fel fctos it. The rising generation own mueh to No ImM fI the alarum clock. Bachelors may lead blisaM MvtX, out Jim Valkri a spinster believe It. Labouring under a mistake la the moat wpA iNe of all employments. Kerre is requiied to manap a Xkm, =Ad* fltoucy to manage a woman. There is certainly enough mosey apMl fm ftf atad to ruin to keep it in excellent repair. May: "Next to a man, what's the Jollieat tfctaf you know of P" Ethel: "Myself, If he's aiM." tven when a woman is worried to death Ai toean't forget to see that her hat is on aTialgii Dittyamith: "I am offered JE100 for my 104 ttttimentalaong." Grimshaw: "Hueh.moneyf "Borne wasn't built in a day, you know." "Oil It was put up wader a Qtramut contract, Ml HP" What everybody is willing to do is to arbitMtl fith a man to get away from him something tthia. it's easy enough to write cheques on the Baah fl Bucoeas, but one has to be properly ideitiM to get them cashed. Keep vsaur troubles to yourself; whoa you ON feem W9 are taking up tM time W So mm *#■ ia waiting to tell his. Kngllah Touvirt: MI understand you Imritlfrr* Meet all your rulers by ballot P Citicea i "Tea all except our wives." Miss Huggins: My father is very goo £ at rwl tog faces. Mr. Kissam: "Then I aad hotter Ml pnnt any kisses here." Mr. Hiborn: "By what unit of meaauraaMBB aould you properly estimate a man's dwvoH* to youP" Miss Lowe: "The carat." The Bashful Lover: "Miss Emily, 1 si h— The (sweetly) "Do you, Mr. Mammasdearf JfOW- Wouldn't you like to joir oxs." sewing class P" The Heiress: "Am I the only girl in the wfcila iride world you love?" Hfc: "No, dear; but are the only gir' I know who could afford to auM* aae." He: "Then I may live upon hope until next tMt tay eveningP" '3he: "Oh, poor fellow, is it at 1MA •a that? Here, I'll lend y>u enough to Wg • tfteal." Two Opinions. —She; "No matter how MOM< man ill he is suM to meet some other man who if smarter." He: and abtmt 10. f,)00 w ovaou WW nV thov arc Printed by C. T. LOWE at Vaaghan's Pritititlg Works, i, Salubrious Place, Swansea, in the County of Glamorgan.