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so who comes up to Tub own láe¡", m i&ways. hata Iiad r very lew standard -af it suad: Am is oertain'* something of exquisite kia4- MR Had theuffhMul benevolence in that raresi M #ne breeding. Few men b&ft nothing to tell us, would they etpeak that tfeev know, and speak it acooro- to measure «f their powers. Ifelll antferstanding. Take oare tb,:t th. ■fed a ifrout and straight ptem. Leave ffa* W*MM of itit and fanoy to como of themaelre* It ia the vain endeavour to make ourselvee dHi we are not that has strewn history with broken purposes and lives left i» who daoerely taken life in earnest finds ft fhitir mUur»l and a matter o £ course to do ao^ fbdL h'e docs not make any great noiee iiIIJIoíM H.-ROTH. Vkb gmgmaa of knowledgo is slow. Like till ■jiL wb eaaufot see ft owvins; but, after • Wlp», we perceive that it has moved, nay, ffcfei H iUM moved onward. The golden moments in the stream of life rofll put us, sad we see nothiag but sand; the ttnffelt Mime <» viiiit iss, and we only knew them wMR Wbtj are gone.—<3eokge Ru«.t. In every pursuit of Hfe it is the effort, the j#»- ffcrttfon, the discipline, the earnest liboiir, fnl makes the valuable saan ia every depArttoentL the mere fact of his occupying this or that faction. Wo cm ail nveBters, eack sailing out oa a Hiytgs o! djseorery, guided each, by a prfrsto •ftsrt of wftNh fh«r» is w» duiilie^te t^e irora Is til f&iws, all apportui-itfea, stripge of Uuaskm Waitfttg tO be struek. A raotral j»mg rym't eWs^jsJrtjsa mm iMMMr spwenT wspwtftMKtjr «f epmgf, m Jmaby oi itiffid and conskkvatien for others VEfta these a -young man fs as <T sodel aa it ll |h«n to an earthly being to be. "7..Ji,_n

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