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South Dock. I

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South Dock. I Dock Master D. EVANS, R.N.R. Andacieufe 100 Rotilet, St Vaiery Annetta Marie 91 Evraid, Appeldore Aisene 147 Pendu, Belie He Congress s 697 Dabbert Rouen City of Frankfoit s 520 Peterson, Dublin Dorothy s yt Boardman sea Denis Papin 98 Leroy, Sables Elakoon b05, Gromoss, Risor Faithful s 280, Silvester, Cardiff Hetty 90 Andrews Bantry Hero (yt) Bond, sea Hannah Croasdsll 141, Holt, Chatham Ilildur s 588, Wenneberg, Oporto Invicta 73 Jewel), Plymouth Iron king 43 Ashford, Bideford Jessie 90 Gill, Plymouth Jeanne 75 Le Guinnie, Etel Lydia Cardell 170 Tyrreil, Preston Linn O'Dee s 282 Bie, Treport Marie Celine 75, Wales, Penryn Normandy P s 2H1, Combe Nanine Ag]: e 167, Coheleac, Redon Osprey (yt) Parsons, Barry Pauline 8S Coyec, Quimper Rival 100, Lamey, Falmouth Saga lu6 Olsen, Greenhithe Stucley 32 Found, Bude Staghound s 15'2, Campbell, Port Talbot I Union 113 Le Hnce, Yannes Vivian (yt) Shea, Port Talbot William vt L. Granham, sea < ARRIVED I January 13 a.m Agra s 6'i, Jone-, 'Combe Cedric s 678, Paulsen Bordeaux January 13 p.m Newent s 613, Bolton. Sonthampton SAILED, Jan 13 a.m Nil Jan 13 p.m Teviot s 498, McConnell, Glasgow Talbot s 228 Owens, Liverpool Truthful s 280 Sylvester, Manchester Agra s 62, Jones, Bristol

I Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels in River.

Fish MarKetr

Graving Docks.