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Cam STAGE-DRIVER S LASTED BirU", As w* left Saudy Gulcb for Rising Sun thoM M male passengers to go by the stag*, swi do roate was ovm the mouiitains and full at AMMM of disaster The drive" came out from harnkfast as soon as the stage was ready, and. lioking about on the passengers, he selected a ■HI, pale-faced man and invited him to olimfc mt beside him. While the palo-fiiced maa W&A £ znbing up tb« driver \vhisp<artid to the rait •I us: MI picked him out in order to acare him to •I us: MI picked him out in order to acare him to death. You fellows will aee a heap of fun befont *«'re gone ten mil<>s!" Two minurps west of the gulch the roadway Mtde & sud lea iurn, with a sheer fall of lOOtt. down to Wild Ca.t Creek, and the driver put hit Sorsea at the gallop and said to t.he man: "We may get around ah right, or we mv rfrtch up c-own below. Hold yer breath and oq per prayerst" The passptiger made no move and did not ffcange coantenance, and, after making the eenrae all right, the driver rather indignantly femanded: Didn't you soe that the off-wlioel run witWa a toot of the edge of the precipice?'' "It ran within six inches, sir!" was the reply. Beyond the curve WJS A down-grade of a mt'V 88d with a yell and a flourish of his whip the driver urged his horses to a dead run. The fire ef us inside had to hang on for dear life, and Mery half-minute the stn^o seemed bound to gc over. "Did ye know that if we'd hrpened to bbve ilruck a rook we'd all heon dead men in no tim«f Of oourse." "And ye wasn't prayin'7 If N-t M all." Threj or four niilbs further on the driver trie# kie man with another curve In his deterxnin» tion to make a close ca'l o* it one wheel ran off the edge of the precipice, and only a sudden effort of the horses saved the conch. We wet* flung in a heap and frightened haif to death, but man l>e«ido the driver ..ever lost a puff of his cigar. When things were safe the dmat tnrned on him tvith ■ "That surels "ju* the brink ot the gra-re." "Guess it was." was the quit't reply. "The closest slmvo v»)u wiil over hev until |k* one comes. Yes." See here, now. but what set of a critter sf* r?" was the qu-t>«y. Don't you know 'nil git skeart'r "Nothing uts happvin^d yet to scare me." But meLbc ye want me to dsive plumb vm0 ft preo-.ipice a thousand (Vt high' If you con venie.nvly can. The fact Jfc (4river, 1 came vp m-m inrundine to commit Mfr eide, and if vou .;11 /I •Ijnip the whcJ. at 0 MWM OMae elifi Ine." -Uiaat* GmalitotMb