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Where ttrong man have wills, wvak OMt m. Wishes. A man soldomdegine to ahew his tempor oMI fcft Jmm it. The rising generation own much to the InMM ff the alarum clock. Bachelors may lead blissful Itout you saM* mal,e a spinster believe it. Labouring under a mistake Is the moat onprsflfc- ible of all employments. Kersre is requiced to manage a doi4 OW 41p ItNoacy to manage a woman. There is certainly enough money spent m ftt mad to ruin to keep it in excellent repair. May: "Next to a man, what's the Jollie-A Vhtaf pou know of P Ethel:" Myself, if he's aim. beD when a woman is worried to death Ste lNøn't forget to see that her bat is on rtratflfcl. IMttysmith: "I am offered £ 100 for my latafll HBtinaental song." Grimahaw "Sush-mooey r* "Rome wasult built in a day, you know." "Oil 1 ft vu put up under a Government contract, W8 fcP" What everybody is willing to do is to arbitrate with a man to get away from him something VfasT Is his. It's easy enough to write cheques on the Bank si Success, but one has to be properly identifted Is get them cashed. Keep i$ur troubles to yourself; when you toll Them are taking up tie time of the man who IS waitior to tell his. English Tourist: "I understand you American' met ali your rulers by baJlot P Citizen: "Tea all except our wives." Miss Huggins: Mv father is very good at read* tag faces." Mr. Kisaam: "Then I had better nst IWint, any kisses here." Mr. Hiborn: "By what unit of iaaeaBUrsm—> ecuW you properly estimate a mK'« devatioa to you?" Miss Lowe: "The carat." The Bashful Lover: "Miss Emily, r-er-t. lIle (sweetly) "Do you, Mr. MammasdearP Now Wouldn't you like to joir o».r sewing class P" The Heiress: "Am I the only girl in the wll. wide world you love?" He: "No, dear; but you are the only gir1 I know who could afford to maifa ■se." He: "Then I may live upon hope until next ftay evening?" 3he: "Oh, poor fellow, is it M bad MthatP Hete, I'll lend you enough to toy » «oeal-.n Two Opinions.—She "So matter how smart • man ip he is sure CIa meet, some; other man who It smarter." He: and about lo.ooo wom»o wb* nV thov ar« Printed by C. T. LOWE at Vaughan's Printing Works, 1, Salubrious Place, Swansea, in the County of Glamorgan.