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E. J. DANN & COMi'Y., The South Wales Clothiers, General Outfitters and Boot Merchants, 15 and 16, Wind Street, Swansea, port^U. PORT TILBOT. WVVTVTVTWVTTVTTTTVVVW^TyvV'V1'TTVTTVTVTVTTTYTTVTTTT,r,rTVTTTVTTTT and made OH S'KHnTS Complete Outfits To suit all Cl tsses and Climates Every description of ,r% rn C4 -). BOOTS A SHOES iAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,44 Al' kinds of SE.A.!V:¡EN'S BEDDING kept in stock and made to order. Fish s Complete Outfits Fishermen's n oads a speciality APPRENTICES COMPLETE OUTFITS kept in stock or made to order. BUSINESS MEN! What about your Y Y PRINT! NIG 1 i A 1 "S& i A Shflll "W G d.0 it Circulars to exactly imitate Typewriting on Customers' own stationery for you ? if desired. Quotations free. {, IVVVVVVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv' Vaughan's Printing Works 1, Salubrious Place, ,I SWANSEA. Subscription Order Form for "Da,ily Shipping1 Register." j .I' Please enter.Name as subscriber to the Swansea "Daily Shipping Register," for which enclose One Quarter's Sub'J(riIltion. — Name Address To the Manager, ], Salubrious Place. I


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