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Prince of Wales Dock. I

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Prince of Wales Dock. I jan b p.m Camille s 501, David, Rouen Michelangelo s 1534, Aicardi, Genoa Azira s 682, Tnwsdahl, Barcelona Anglesey s 54, Tyrrell, Arklow January 7 a.m Milo s 896, Hunt, Rotterdan) via Port Talbot Invel's 380, Mulhollahd, Rouen Stainburn s 109, Little, Rouen via Sanndersfoot Sarah Brough s 66, Williamson, Port Nigel January 7 p.m. City of Stockholm s 843, Beresford, Rotterdam City of Brussels s 8-5, Harper, Hambuig Valt6e s 258, Evans, Caen January 8 Ii. m Hilda s 649, Sanderson, Reval & Riga Saxon Briton s 832, Sim, Eayonne Regina s 386 Stavenes. Copenhagen January 8 p. ni Veghtstrooir s 8?9, Vos, Amsterdam City of Dortmund s 471, Tyndall, Hamburg via Bristol Lodsen s 743, Steinsholt, La Rochelle Alice M Craig s 333, BlacK, Rouen Scotsman s 70, Boyle, Berry January 9 a.m Hero s 1164, Atherton, Bristol Diomed s 300" Torrible, Penang &c via L'pool Kaisow s 2529, Steel, Java & Japanse via L'pool H ighg.ite a 1 loO Hart, Rochester Pavia s 1-84, Jeffreys, Mediterranean ports Fides s 1211, Faggi mi, Genoa Da gland s 684, Foyne, Bordeaux January 9 p. 111 Vi'le d'Eu s 305, Cook, Treport Cordovp s I483, Wood, Almeria Avon s 1303, Kenny, Alexandria Anglesey s 54 Tyrrel, Arklow Hector 1:1 79, McMillan, Nantes and Bordeaux January 10 a.m Jas Cameron s 1129, Davison, Hamburg January 10 p.m l'iil January 11 p.m. Nil Janllp.m Gascon s 682, Hildieh, Lisbon and Oporto Asger Ryg s 6/7, Thorkelin, Aalborg For later Sailings see page 2

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South Dock I

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