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ENTERED IfMWARDS Jan 6 Milo 895 Rotterdam via Bristol, general, B. S. Nt" í gabon Co; general, not to be landed DagLu s 684 Dieppe, nil Lydia, Jardell 170 Preston, spent oxide 362 F W Be. k & Co Mary a Ui Guernsey, nil Truthful s 280 Manchester via Bristol & Cardiff, geneif i, Whittingham & Co general, not to be landed Topaz 8 198 Plymouth, nil Arcona s tug lo Hamburg, nil Sarah Brongh s 60 Garston, speigel iron 330 J no iUicor: Ltd Stambnrn s 109 Harrington, pig iron 460 order Veghtsfcrooia a 829 Amsterdam via Bristol, gen,, J H Couch general, not to be landed 1 9 Loiisen s 74a. Brest, nil c SnowflaKe s 36 Combe, nil Invicta 72 Plymtuth, manure 130 N E Thomas Ettrick s 466 Glasgow via Newport general, M Jones & Bro Anglesey s 54, ArKlow, empty drums, B'ferry Chemical Co Volpone s 186, Dublin, general, Michael Murphy Limited general, not to be landed. Jan 7 Carrick Castle 63, Strangford, potatoes 164, Ed. England Gaulci-e Q9, Mortagne, pitwood 129, Inter Anthracite Assocsation City of Dortmund t 459 Hamburg via Bristol, gen, Burgess and Co Rose s 68, Pt Rivals, macdam 280, Swansea Corporation macadam 50, order Saga 257, London, ballast 80 Regina s 366, Fleetwood, nil Pavia s 1884, L'pool, gen, r R W Mason and Co gen, not to be landed Cairnryan s 1060, Carloforte via Bristol, cala- mine 1000, ordtr Sphene » 308, CorK, nil Asger Ryg s 672, Fleetwood, nil lion King 43, Bideford, gravel 100 Bay Fisher s 194, Penzance, nil Carrioklee s 99, Belfast, steel scrap 320, Upper Forest WorKs William 59, Kinsale, ballast 20 Union 130, Vannes, pitwood ilO, International Anthra Assoc. Stucley 32, Bude, nil Princess Helena s 246, Middlesbro via Bristol & Cardiff, gen, Tucker & Co gen, not to be landed Portaferry s 74. Lknelly, gen, not to be landed Stella b 761, Rochefort, nil Jan 8 E Hayward s 16I, Guernsey, granite chippings 540, Tupham Jones and Raiiton Tenner s 63, B'water, nil Alice M Craig s 333, Dieppe, nil Highgate s 1101, London, nil Four Brothers 74, Drogheda, tinplate boxes. sawn timber battens 80, Mitchell and Co Almond Branch s 2191, Chili via L'pool &e, gen H Bath and Co Sir Joseph 64, Strangford, potatoes lo4, C Allen Hero s 1163, Antwerp & Rotterdam via Ply- mouth, gen, Bristol Steam Navigation Co Scandinavia s 576, Rouen, nil Ville d'Eu s 309, Manchester, general, not to be landed Jeenne 75. Etal. pitwood 120, E W Cook and Co Vedenotian s 734, Marseilles &c via Liverpool, general R E James Loango 79, Plymouth, pitch 165, Atlantic Co Scotsman s 70, Porthgain, stone chippings 180, Topham Jones and Rallton .i an 9 Traternity s 269, Garston, gen, M Jones & Bro Avrg s 1395, L'pool, gen not to be landed Moray Firth s 97, Barrow, pitch 380, A5lantic Co Sunlight s 227, L'pool, gen, John Bacon Ltd Stamfordham s 523, London, nil Modesta s 308, Dublin, nil Aidachy s 47, Cordiff, nil Marima s 1760, Newport, gen, not to be landed Olivine s 240. Bribtol. nil Dana s 456, St Malo, nil Anglesey s 54, ArKlow, gen, not to be landed Jan l1 Hetty 90 Bantry, ballast 70 Aagot s 864 Ellesmere Poi t, nil Glassalt s :460 London, cement 740 Topham, Jones and Railton Pine s 26 Greencastle, potatoes 242 F Ley & Son Oak s 80 Rostrevor, potatoes 224 C Allen & Co Boileau s 10;)8, St Nazaire, nil Hildur s 5S8 Oporto, pitwood 1100 T R Howe 4 Co Gascon s 682, Liverpool, general, not to be landed Lutece s 739 Rouen, nil Beryl s 770 London, nil Marie Therese s IO93, Liverpool, nil Adam Smith s 80 Liverpool, wheat 290 Weaver and Co Glynn s 412 Rouen, nil Gransha s 487 Rouen, nil Pioneer s 29 Newquay, ballast 16 Bergvik s 789 StocKholm, via Manchester, copper matte 79 H Bach & Son St Patrick s 245 Dubiin, nil Exeter Cjty si359, New York via Bristol, gen.; Richards Turpin and Co, general, not to be landed Karin s 656, Liverpool, gen, not to be landed City of Frankfort s 523 Dnblin, nil Jargoon s 1S7, Cork, nil Rosabelle s 92 Queensfer/y, pitch 200 Graigola Queens Channel, s 129 Kilrush, nil Val de Travers s 276 Trepjit via Bristol, general, qs per manifest; general, no to be landed Bombardier s 70 Newcastle, potatoes 165 Fred Ley and Son Continued on page 7.