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North Dock.

----. ' South'bock. '

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South'bock. Dock Master D.EVANS,R.N.R. Audaciense 100 Roulet, St Vaiery Annetta. Marie 91 Evraid, Appeldore Arsene 147 Pendu, Belie lie Congress a 697 Dabbrrt Rouen City of Frankfoit s 02U Peteison, Dublin Dorothy s yl P.oardman sea Denis Pa pin 98 Leroy, Sables Elakoon 605, "Gronross, Risor Hetty 90 Andrews Bantry Hero (yt)Bond,sea Hannah Croasdell 141, Molt, Chatham Ilildur s 588, Wenneberg, Oporto Invicta .73 Jewell, Plymouth; Iron "King 43 Ash ford, I;ideford Jeesie 90 Gill, Plymouth f Jeanne 75 Le Guinnie, Etel Lydia Oaidell 170 TytreM, Preston • Linn O'Dee s 282 Bie, Treport Marie Celine 75, W ales, Penryn N«.rniandy p v* Comhe Nanine Agl- e 167, Coheleac, Redon Osprey (yt) Parsons, Harry Pioneer -29 Williams, Newquay Pauline 88 Coyec, Quimper Pival 100, Lamey, Falmouth Saga 1^6 Oiaen, Greenhithe Talbot s 228 Owens, Liverpool Union 113 Le Hnce, Vannes Vivian (yt) Shea, Port. Talbot William 1 1. Gran nam. AHHIVEU January 12 a.m Teviot s 4P8, McConnel'l. Carditt Jannary 12 p.111 Staghoumi s .15' lanipbell, Port Talbot SAILED ?' Jajiuary ni. Stokesley s 448 Alexander, Dieppe Victorine 78 Le Forester, Treguier Queens Channel s 127 Hughes, Granville, G Player s 242 George, Caen J Jauurry 12 p.m Saint Patrick s 245 McMullin, Rouen V i • Petei burg 492 Grew, St Malo • « Agate s 66, McGilp, Cork

! Prince of ^ Wai&s -'Dock

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