—|1909-01-12|The Swansea Gazette and Daily Shipping Register - Welsh Newspapers" /> CLEflKKO "OR 5EA. I .f> —|1909-01-12|The Swansea Gazette and Daily Shipping Register - Welsh Newspapers
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CLEflKKO "OR 5EA. I .f> —

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CLEflKKO "OR 5EA. I .f> — January 11 Modesta s 3O8, Rogendas, Kiel, coal 620. bunkers 70, Inter., Anthra. Association Glassalt s 361, Williams, B-irry, nil Queens Channel s LiS, Hughes, Granville, coal 380, Sir G Thomas bunkers 30, Harries .Bros Invicta 73, Jewel!, Plymouth, coal HO, Aberper gwm Co Pine 87, Atkinson, Neathabbey, nil Nannie Agiae 167, Cohelich, Kedon, coal 260 M Depeaux Adieu Va 49 LeGail, Quimpsr, fuel 90. Les fils Charvet 4 City of CorK s 734, Walsh, Rotterdam coal 1000 E WendhoK bunkers 110, Inter. Anthracite Association City of Cadiz s 464, Davison, Hamburg, gen, J. H Burgess; bunkers 15, International Anth- racite Association Gascon s 633, Heldich, Lisbon and Oporto, gen, Burgess and Co Scandinavia s 577, Bedstron Marseilles coal 1600 A Andrews bunkers 230, Glyncorrwg Co Saga 257, Olsen, M el ilia, coal 42.0, Agios Ltd St i' ltric^ s 245, McMillan, Rouen, coal 740, R. L Morgan bunkers 50, lloweil and Jones Jargoon s 200, Darragh, London, coal 550, Cory 1 Bros bunkers 50, W t1 Jenkins 1 Betty Russell Iiii. Owens, Guernsey, coal 270, I Pwllbach Co I Gransha s 487. Roberts, Rouen, coal 1530, llarri 1 son Tidswell; bunkers 60, T Fenwick 1 G)ynn s 442, McKiuty, Rouen, coal 1459, E. W. | Cook bunkers 60, T Fenwick § Stokesley s 449, Alexauder, Dieppe, coal 1200, | Wms & Behenna bunkers 60, T Fenwick I Lutece s 739, Tis«ier, Rouen, coal 1700, bunliers I 70, P H Coward and Sons I G Player s 267, George, Caen, coal 780, P H. | Coward & Sons bankers 50, J E Fisher Start s 341, Olsen, Rouen, coal 850, Glan-y-rnor Co bunkers 50, H Goldberg and Co Moray Firth s 143, Nelson, i't Tolbot, nil



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