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CLEARED FOR SEA. I -O January 8 Vers 153, Nyaiad, Boraholm, coal 290, E. T. Agius Fides s 1211, Faggioni, Genoa, coai 25PO, T P R Richards bunker 250 Lambert Bros Kaisow s 2529, Steele, Java and japan via L'poo], gen, T H Coach Veghtetroom s S2), Vos, Amsterdam, gen, coal 300, bunKers 90, T It Coach Tender « 63, Harwood. =i:water, coal 140, Glas- brook Bros Dag! and s 685, foyne Bordeaux, coal I^oO, Les fils Charvet; bunkers 100, Redgrave and. Go Highgaoe s lltH, Hart, Rochester, coal :^45C. vaiis & Bevan bunKers 70. Cleeves and Co Cordovas 14.83, Wood, Almeria fuel 3300, Paci- fie Co; bunkers 350, Goklbtirg and Co Onyx s 219, Mc hail, Honfieur, coai 650, Win" A BehenDa; bun Rets 50, Howell and Jones Dalegarth s 1434, Storm, Bey rout, fuel 2600, coai 150, coke 50, Graigola Co bankers 499, Bellamy and Co Carricklee s 99, Craig, Belfast, coal 360, Vivian & Sons Zaima 318, Tobiapson, Malmo, coal 500, Gwalln Cae (iarwen Alipond Branch s 2191, Pindar, Chili via New- castle, bricks 28, Stephehs & Co (Cardiff) Arsne 141, LePendu, Pornic, coal 240, Sir G. Thomas Jessie 90, Gill, Trepcnt. coal 170, E W CooK & Co Iron Duke 43, Acford Kiil^rgiin, coal 91, Glan- y -Mor rCo Rene 70, Fichand, Vlorlaix, coal 140, E W COOK. PAuiine 88, Cozie, Quimper, coal 185, Les fil-s Chirvet Victorine 78, LeForisfcier, Tre:;uier, coal 150, E. W Cook & Co Rose s 89, Cross, B'ferry. bunkers 10, Whitting ham and Co Princess Helena s 246, Hull, gen, TucKer & Co Priuce&s Patricia s 275, lull, gen, Tucker & Co E Hayward s Itil, Newport, nil Scotsman s 70, Boyle, Barry, nil Alice M Crai^ s 386, Black, Rouen, coal 1160, P H Coward & Sons bunkers 70, J E Fisher




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