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Swansea Harbour

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Swansea Harbour -1 General Manager, .acatntory noir- hour Muster, and Colh-etor >■ W, LAW of Ratef, .»• ■- Assistant Collector of Rates—<Ji £ 0. JON ES rWharfibc«r?>. R. MOKGAW. Traffic Superintendent-H. T. RANDELL. Telegrams, LAW, Swansea." i" e] e ohone™ 0arbour Office d. National No. 18 11 Corporation 13 Dock Master, North Dock 688 South SPook „ 583 Prince o'r Wales DOCK „ 590 YIambles Lighsiwmse. ,,6086

.North Dock.

Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels in River9

JFish lianccf.

! Graving Docks. ¡


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South Dock.