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Penetrative Power of Radium…

Given Away


Given Away Within the last few weeks there baa been an overwhelming demand for a remarkable book dealing with a subject of absorbing interest, a subject that interests both young and old, rich and poor alike. This little volume does not ascend into the realms of visfcme; on the ooir trary, it tears aside the curtain that so ofteii obscures our understanding of things, and it deals with plain, cold facts. It enlightens the man who is interested, and instructs and ro- forms the man who is ignorant. It tells of new fields and pastures green, and points—without fear or favour-to where those fields and paos- turee lie. This is not a book for the library shelf. It is a book to be road, and' can be read by the young as well as the old. It will serve as a fund of information for the former and a source of inspiration to the latter. For every careful thrifty man or woman it is one of the books that is essential. One's education is not com- plete without having read its thrilling and fas- cinating pages. The subject of money-making by modern methods is fully explained, and con- sidering the invaluable nature of the information imparted, it is done in such a masterly manner that your interest is at its highest pitch from beginning to end. Nearly one hundred thousand copies of this publication have already bean distributed, and those who have read it through have sent for copies for their friends. This book, that no one can read without benefit will, for a limited period only, be sent tree to all inquirer". There is, of course, no telling how soon it may be impossible to procure further copies, and it would therefore be unwise to raise such an op- portunity Write at cnce—to-day—and you will receive a copy by return of post. Simply send your full name and address (a postcard will do) to the publishers, Messrs. Arnold and Butler (Room UB4, Holborn, London, E.C. The Book will be sent you absolutely free 01 all cost, and you may keep it without incurring IB, o*»iig»iku of any kind.

The Incorporated. SWANSEA…


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