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Where strong men have wilts, weak ansa Mfe. OtMbes. A man seldom begins to shew his temper uM fct into it. The rising generation owes much to the iiwMfeSA of the alarum clock. Baehelora may lead blissful Hra, out you ago% Sake a spinster believe it. Labouring under a mistake Is the most anprsflt- ible of all employments. Metre is required to manage s JQoa, sad Ap» ftsautcy to manage a woman. There is certainly enough money speat an Otad to ruin to keep it in excellent repair. May: "Next to a man, what's the jollitst tfctaf y*u know of ? Ethel •. Myself, if he's alee. Sven when a woman is worried to death Ski taeau't forget to see that her hat is on straight. Dittysmith: "I am offered £100 for my lafcalt ♦Sutimental song." Grimshaw "Hush-money P" "Rome wasn't built in a day, you know." "Ch! ft was put up under a Government contract, wow ttP" What everybody is willing to do is to arbitvsM vitli a man to get away from him something thsf is his. It's easy enough to write cheques on the Bank fll Success, but one has to be properly identified ta get them cashed. Keep r.ur troubles to yourself; when you tiel them yM are taking up th time of the mom wte M-wa fifed to tell his. English Tourist: I understand you American Sleet a!\ your rulers by baJlot P" Citizen: "Yes all except our wives." Miss Huggins Mv father is very good at res*, lag faces." Mr. Kisaam: "Then I had better not llrint any kisses here." Mr. Hiborn: "By what unit of measuremss* aoultl you properly estimate a man's devotiea It you ? Miss Lowe The carat." The Bashful Lover: "Miss Emily, I—er—-bass!* the (sweetly) "Do you, Mr. MammasdearP NOW. Wouldn't you like to joir oo." sewing class P" The Heiress; "Am I the only girl in the whols Wide world you love?" He: "No, dear; but you are the only girl I knoft who could afford to maif* oae." He: "Then 1 may live upou hope until next Sua 4ay evening ? She; Oh, poor fellow, is it as baa uthat P Here, I'll lend you enough to bay » <aeaL" Two Opinions.She; "No matter bow smart » man i6 he is sum W meet some other man who it KMrMr." Se; V.<. a.nd abiuit: 10. OOO wowm wbe lib tnlr th<nv HI: Printed by C. T. LowE at Vamghaji's Printing Works, j, Salubrious Place, Swansea in the County. of Glamorgan.