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Cleared for sea-continued.…

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Cleared for sea-continued. I Jan 5 Michelangelo s 1534, D'Ottone, Genoa, coal 3250, T P Richards; bankers 420, Ocean Co Dunmore s 106, Kerr, London, copperas 220. F. H Tucker; bunkers 15, E T Agius Peterborough s 293, Hannah, Rouen, coal 690, Blaen Cae Gurwen bunkers 40, Harries Bros Garibaldi s 466, Evye, Mortaarne, fuel 900, At- lantic Co; bunkers 20 J H Burgess City of Brussels s 625. Harper, Hamburg, coal 1100, bunkers 110, Inter. Anthra. Assoc. City of Stockholm s> 844, Beresford, coal 1000, E Wendoff buukers II5, Inter, Anthra Assoc The Lady Belles 99 Comish, L'pocl, gen, bun- ker i 15, John Bacon Tudor s 670, Higgins, Rouen, coal 1300, Glas- brroK Bros bunkers 20, John Bacon Ltd Stuart s 759, Cogley, L'pool, general, J Bacon Prestonian s 368, Berry, L'pool, gen, J Bacon Helene Lohden s 626, Andersen, Tonnay Char- ente, fuel 1400, coal 100, Graigola Co Juno s 825, Owen, Amsterdam, coal 450, Wes- tern Valleys Co: bankers 100, Ocean Co gen Bristol Steam Navigation 4Lgra s 62, Jones, Brissol, gen. Pocketts Ltd Velocity s62, Bullock, Bristol, gea, Pocketts Ld Bala s 1815, Williams, Savona, coal 34-10, Clee- ves & Co bunkers 570, Cory Bros Trevarrack s 1344, Beale, Bari and Barletta, coal 2700, C Fuog; bunkers 560, LiDdsay Ger- man & Co Chmille b 50lJDavid, Rouen, coal 1380, bunkers 60 Depeaux Inver s 4l8 Mulholland, Rouen, coal lf.50, ban- kers 60 E W Cook & Co Bretagne 210 Mcrtagne, fuel 340 Graigola Co Peter James 79 Silvey Newross, coal 160 Mar- grave and Co Irene 77 Lee, Folkestone, coal 160 E W Cook & Co Ruby 42 Brueford. Lydney, nil Effie Gray a 130 Wilson, Dover, coal 420 Lewis Stephens & Co bunkers 40 G Shepherd & Co Scotsman s 70 Boyle, Poithgain, nil Cheapside s 752 Colling, liouen, coal 1600 E. W. Cook and Co bunkers 65 G W Butherford & Co Clifton Grove « 99 Gladwell, Nawhaven, coal 320 Margrave & Co bunkers 30 G Shepherd &Co Ferrum a 19 Belfast, coal 220 W P David bun- kers 20 G Shepherd and Co Cirkel Force s 159 Joaes, Guernsey, coal 500 Cann and Glass bunksra 30 A Goldberg and Co Johanna s 617 Leenw, Chantenay, coal 1350 E W Cook and Co bunkers 90 Cory Bros Vernon s 615 Brierley, Rochester, coal lltjO E T Agius Ltd bunkers DO Cleeves & Co Maroon s 908 Borland, Bordeaux, fuel 1900 At- lantic Guel Co Welsh Trader s 437 Harston London via Briton- ferry, general. Tucker and Co

Entered Inwards continued.…


Given Away

The Incorporated. SWANSEA…