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ENTERED INWARDS Dee 30 Oesian a 297, St Brieux, nil Trevairack s 1313, Bristol, nil Bygland s 1465, Bremen, salt 3525, not robe landed Rocio s 803, Britonferry, nil Juno s 825, Amsterdam via Bristol, gen Bristol Steam Navigation Co gen, not to be landed Kansas City a 1481, New York via Bristol, gen Richards, Tuipin & Co, gen, not to be landed Volpone s 186, Dublin, general, Michael Murphy Limited general, not to be landed. Vadso s 757, Copenhagen via Liverpool, general, Lennard and Co; gen, not to be landed Clara Mennig s 1004, Preston, nil. Dec 31 Fides s 1210 Genoa, ballast 120 Franciska Fischa s 863 Rochefort, nil Camille s 501 Caen, iron ore 1420 Baldwins Ltd Oak s 80 Barrow, pig iron 350 Jas Watson & Co Florence s 54 Hayle, nil Gransha s 487 Rouen, nil Solway Prince s 98 Llanelly, nil Le Scorff s .05 L'Orient, pitwood 720 E W Cook & Co Findhorn s 461 Glasgowivia Cardiff, general, M Jones & Bro Michelangelo s 1533 Leghorn, nil Jan 1 Sil Walter s 297, Bristol, nil Flavian s 1387, Liverpool, general, not to be landed Rosabelle s 92 Queensferry, pitch 240 GraigolaCo Theory s 173 Whitehaven, pig iron 500 R Hardy and Co Jessie 93 Plymouth, scrap steel 70 W Buckland Cape York s 181 Limerick, nil Preston an s 368 Liverpool, general, John Bacon LId Sunlight s 227 Liverpool, general, John blqcon Ld Amiral Exelmans s ;;144, San Francisco & Santa Rosalia via Liverpool, bar copper 297 copper matte 591 H Bath and Son general, for tran- shipment Nanine Aglae 167 Redon, pit wood 260 B. W Cook and Co Botnia a 723 Liverpool, nil Rowena s 687 Manchester, nil Fulton s 610 St Malo, nil Corneille s 1408 La Rochelle, nil Destiny 3t) Minehend, bricks 36 J B Jenkins Maroon s 907 Glasgow, nil Victorine 78 Lannion, nil Burton. Rouen,.nil Annan s 469 Glasgow via Cardiff, general, M. Jones & Bro Ettrick s 475 Glasgow via Cardiff, general, M Jones & Bro Taesos 1120, Newport, general, not to be landed Uenis Papin 91 Sables d'Olonne, pitwood 152 order Otra s 494 Rouen nil G Player s 24z ROU'Il, nil Jan 2 Taycraig s 126, Cherbourg, nil Taormina s 839, Charente, nil Hilda. s 648, Campbeltown, nil Arsene 141, Belia He, pitwood 200, order London s 929, Greenock. nil Aziaa s 682, Manchester, nil Hero s 667, Rochefort, nil New Pioneer s 320, Garston, gen, M Jones & Bro Thetis s 203, Port lalbot. nil Tudor s 670, Honfleur, nil The Lady Belle 99, Pt Talbot, gen, not to be landed Teviot s 443, Glasgow, gen, M Jones and Bro Start s 341, Runen, nil Ravonia s 277, Bristol, nil Aislaby s 1726, Rosario, wheat 1880, Weaver and Co Johanna s 687, Nantes, nil Princess Sophia s 197, C'diff, gen, not to be landed Jan 4 Owain Tudor s 79 Poole, wheat 229 Weaver & Co James Cameron s 1129 Boulogne, nil Hermitie s 240 Bordeaux, pitwood 562 E W Cook and Co Kings Lynn s 336 London, nil Lancashire s 185 Cork, nil Jeanne et Rene 72 Glo'ster, flour 88 T H Toms and Co Wcoiwich Infant 48 Penzance, baliast 5 Marie Celine 75 Penryn, granite blocks 103, Topham, Jones and Railton Arendal s 876 Carthagena iron ore 1750 Bald- wins Ltd L?na Petersen s 243 Manchester, nil Birker Force s 159 SilJoth, pitch 500 order Glencona s 99 Ardglass, potatoes 170 F Ley and Son Elizabeth Roberts 99 Porsgrund, lead and zinc concentrates 179 order Garibaldi s 466 Liverpool, nil Dalegarth s 1434, StocKton on Tees, nil Betty Russell 132 London, steel scrap 252 Upper Forest Works R, ne 70 Morlaix, ballast 30 Enchantresse 69 Paimpol, ballast 24 Audacieuse 100 St. Valery. phosphate 211 Vivian & Sons Helene Lohden s 626 West Hartlepool, nil Lenora 29 Barnstaple, general Annetia Marie 51 Appledore, ballast 110 City of Brussels 625 Dublin, general not to be landed City of Stockholm s 843 Dublin, general, not to he landed Rapido 1061 DunKirK, nil Ruby 42 Bideford timber 55 G.W.R. Co Neptune 95 Glo'ster, pitch 150 Atlantic Fuel Co Hermine s 1257, Porto Vecchio via Vigc, nil Diomed s 5005 Liverpool, nil Kaisow s 2529, Liverpool, nil Golden Light lOis, Fareham, wheat 167, wheat 167, Weaver & Co Welshman s 139, Sharpness, mil Portaferry s 74, Bristol, gen, Micl-ael vlurphy Ltd Princess Sophia s 197 Newcastle &c, via Cardiff general, eucker and Co; general, not to be landed Princes Olga s 437 Hull &c, via Cardiff gen., TucKer and Co general, not to be landed Anglesey s 54, ArKlow, empty drums, B'ferry Chemical Co I For later shipping see page 7.