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CLEARED FOB SEA, I r» I -v- Dac 30 Orne s 444, Pierie, Trouville, coal 1100, Tirdon- kin Co bunkers 60, W Foy Edward William is 471, Wilyman, Rouen, coal 980, Depeaux; bunkers 45, Harries Bros Lutece s 739, Tissier, Rouen, coal 1750, bnnkers 60. P. H. Coward Osceoia s 123, Leach, Dublin, bunkers 40, Har- rison, Tidswell & Co Val de Travers a 276, McLcan, Treport, general, coal 400¡ bunkers 60, John Harrison Lizzie Ellen 85, Coppack, London, copperas 190, D 'Matthews. Adolf s 485, Konigson, Gothenburg, coal 450, Blaen Cae Gurwen coal 60, Cleeves and Co coal 60, Tucker & Co; tinplates 250, bunkers 85, Goldberg and Co. Clara a 1123, Bjorkman, Bordeaux, fuel, coal, Sir G Thomas bunkers, H Goldb rg and Co Cardiff Trader s 339, Rich, London via Briton- ferry and Llanelly. gen, Tucker and Co Volpone a 186, Hughes, Dublin via Cardiff, gen, Michael Murphy, Ltd December 31 City of Liverpool s 678 Tyrrell, Hamburg, gen., J H Burgess bunkers 120 Inter. Antb. Assoc Ltd Bygland a 1465, Ostrem, Savannah, U.S.A., bunKers 500 A Andrews and Co Deux Charentes 819 Vignal, Toulon, fuel 1,800 L Gueret Ltd bunKers 4UO Fernliill Colly Co Nitor s 1693 Peragallo, Genoa, coal 3300 bunkrs 350 E T Agivs Ltd Clara Mennig g 1005, Rehberg, Stettin, coal 2400 bunkers 200 Williams and Behenna Franci-ka Fisher s 864 Holtz, La Paliice. coal 240u, Evans & Reid bunkers 180 Williams and Behenna VadeO a 757 Paulsen, Copenhagen and Stettin, general G Lennard and Co Florence s 54 Faulkner, Belfast, coal 380 E. W. Cook & Co bunkers 30 J If Fisher aud Co Oak s 811 Keenan, Newry, coal 700 Vivian & Bon coal 140 Evans & Bevan Findhorn s 561 Hewitt, Glasgow via Belfast gen, M Jones & Bro Jan 1 Rocios803, Mactiay, Nantes coal 1400, fuel 400 W H Rank bunkers 100, II Goldterg Sunlight s 229 Dawson, Liverpool, general, bun- Kers 15, John Bacon Ltd Prestonian s 368, Berry, L'pool. gen, J Bacon Skrim s 275, Christoffersen, Vigo. Lisbon etc, gen, bunkers 135, T H Conch coal 70, F. W. Merchant; coal 250, C Fuog coal 230, R, L. Morgan coal 100, David and Co Sir Walter s 297, Winscombe, L'Orient, fuel 480 Graigola Co; bunkers TO T H Couch Cape York s 181, McQuarrie. St Brieux, fnelSOO Graigola Co; bunkers 71!, Mordy Jones Gransba s 487, Roberts, Rouen, coal 1550, Harri son Tidswell; bunKers 70, T Fenwick Ada 67, Creemer, Dunball, coal 150, Glasbrook Bros Marie Eugenie 37, A.Ilen, Bridgewater,Hour&c 60, Weaver and Co Solway Priuce s 98, Owen, Greenbithe, coal 320, Burgess & Co bunkers 20, P Marrow Hanrah Croasdell 142, Holt, Guernsey, coal 260, T P Rose Richards Flying Foam 85, Collins, Folkstone, coal 165 Rosabelle a 92, Coppack, B'ferry, bunkers 20, P Marrow LeScorff s 306, Tean, L'Orient, coal 600, Ynisar- wed Co; coal 120, bunkers 50, E W Cook and Co Ettrick a 465 McMillan, Glasgow general, M Jones & Bro Annan s 469 White, Glasgow, general, M. Jonas and Bro Burton s 344 Rees, Caen. coal 800, Depeaux bunkers 45 Harries Bros & Co Flavian s 1387 Woodcock Mediterranean, gen., Bnrgess and Co Jan 2 John Ewing 95, Norman, Cowes, coal 190, Brans & Reid Kansas City a 1482, Franklanu, New York, gen bunkers SuO. Richaids, Turpin and Co Rowena s 6871 Torkildsen, Odda, coal 1400, tin- plates 60. bunkers 120, Richards, Turpin A Co Tasso s IlaO, Watkins, Antwerp, gen, b. S. N. Co; coal 25O, Western Valleys Tanycraig s 163, Findlay, Cherbourg, coal 440 P H Coward & Sons; bunkers 45, Harries Bros Theory s 174, Mitchell, Belfast nil Xeviots 445, McMillan, Glasgow, gen, M Jones and Bros New Pioneer s 320, Gemmell, Rousn, general, iJ Jones & Bros; coal, ounkers E W Cook & Co G Player a 242, George, Rouen, coal 740, Inter. Anthra. Aspoc bunkers 60 Howell & Jones Ravonia a 277, Tiln-ley, Caen, coal 7^0, Wins & Behenna; bunkers 30, J E Fisher Hudikswall s 724, Hagelqueat, Stockholm, coal 1450, bunkeis 100, A Andrews Botnia 724, Paaske, Valencia, coal 1300, Morgan Wakley bunkers 230, W H Jeukins Condor a 375, Rasmussen, Sables, coal 900, E W Cook bunkers 80, Williams and Behenna Taormina s 829, Maryport, nil Jan 4 Lancashire e 18", Spicer, Dublin, coal 420, Glas- brook Bros bunkers 20, W H Jenkins London s 929, Bom. Stettin, coal 2100, Inter. Anthra. Association bunkers 130, E W Cook Azira s 683, Traadhaf, Barcelona, coal 1550, A. Andrews bunKets 250, Richards, Turpin Lena Petersen s 943, Westphal. Barletta, fuel 60(', coal 1500, Sir Griffith rhomas; bunKert I; ichards Turpin Start s 341, Olsen, Dieppe, o)al 850, E W Cook bunKers 35, H Goldberg Fulton s 610, FalcK Rouen, coal 1300, Charvet til* bunKers 45, H Goldberg Corneille t 1408. Baron, Chantenay, coal 3000, bunKers 90 L Gueret Hero s 667, Tadstrand, Rochefort, coal 1500 bun Kers 70, L Gneret Ltd Giencona s 113. Findlay, Honflenr, coal 300, L Stephens • bunKers 10. Harries Bros Jas Cameron s 1129, Davison, Hamburg, coal 22UO. S'sea Patent Fuel Co; bunKers 130, Harries Bros Owain Tudor s 93, Cooper, Portsmouth and Shoreham, flour 230, Weaver & Co bunKers 15, Harries Bros Welshman s 138, McKillop, Guernsey, coal 320, Pvllbach <Jo bunKers 40, Harries Bros Anglesey s 54. Tynell, ArKlow, acid drums, Brito jferry Chemical Co Princesss Olgj* s 437, Collister, Hull &c, general TucKer and Co Princess Sophia s 197. McGilvr.ty, Hull &c, gen TucKer and Co Otra s 494, Saanum, Rouen, coal 900, R. L. Morgan bunKers 40, G W Rutherford Poriaferry s 74, James, Tenby, nil Aroiral Exel/nans s 3144, Gens, DunkirK, part i lward cargo not landed