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,. Swansea Harbour

North Dock.-

South Dock.

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South Dock. Dock Master D. EVANS, R.N.R. Adieu Va 49 Le GaIJ, Pont L'abbe Annetta Marie 91 Evrard, Appledore Arsene 147 Pendu, Belle lie Advance 99, Clements, Glasgow Clifton Grove s 99 Gladwell, Bristol Congress s 697 Dabbert Roneh Dorothy P yt Boardman sea Destiny 36 Bushmen, Mineheaa Denis Papin 98 Leioy, Sables Elakooc 605, Gromoss, Risor Hero (yt) Bond, sea Hannah Croasdell Ml, Siolt, Chatham Johanna s 687 Leeuw. Nantes Jessie 90 Gill, Plymouth Linn O'Dee s 282 Bie, Treport Normandy p,s 2P>1, Combe Nanine AgJ: e 167, Coheleac, Redon Osprey (yt) Parsons, Barry Peterborough s 298 Hannah, Poole P auline 88 Coyec, Quimper letei burg" 492 Grew. put back damaged Hene 70 Fechan, Morlaix Ruby 42 Brueford, Bideford Kival 100, Lamey, Falmouth Rowena s 697 Falkrer, Manchester Traveller 166, Truseott, London Unterweser No 18 859 Gerdes, Liverpool Vivian (yt) Shea, Port Talbot Victorine 78 Le Forester, Lannion Vera 153, Mygind, Bristol W illiam > t L, Grannam, ARRIVED Jan 5 p.m Topaz s 192 Masson, Ply mouth Jan 6 a,m Agra s 63 Jones, Bristol Mary s 344 CluFson4 Guarnsey Ettrick s 465 McMillan, Newport Truthful s ?80 Sylvester, Cardiff Lydia Cardell 170 Tyrrell, Preston Invicta 73 Jewell, Plymouth Arcona. s tug 16 Schoon, Hamburg SAILED January 5 p m Hudiksvall s 724, Haelquist, Stockholm Louise Marie 164 Rervi«, Hennebont Telemaque 156 Orpine, Vanned Stnatt s 725 Cogley, Liverpool Otra s 494 LaanunD, Rouen January 6 a.m. Cheapside s 752 Collin, Rouen Agra s 62 Jones, Padstow

Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels 111 River. r\

I Fish MarKetr I--

Graving Docks.