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Where strong man have wills, weak QMS ftOTu ihlws. A man seldom begins to shew his temper MA III fcase it. The rising generation owes much to the imlM di the alarum clock. Bachelors may lead blissful HftI. But you mtft a spinster believe it. Labouring under a mistake is the most sopnflfe. 4Me of all employments. Nerve is required to man. flsanaey to manage a woman. There is certainly enough money spent SB Need to ruin to keep it in excellent repair. May: "Next to a man, what's the Jolliest this* fa know of P" Ethel: "Myself, if he's nice,5 Sven when a woman is worried to death As domlt forget to see that her hat is on StralgM. Dittysmith: "I am offered £100 for my bM| fintimental song." Grimahaw:" Hush-money tm "Rome wasn't built in a day, you know." sohl g was put up under a Government contract, was What everybody is willing to do is to arbitsalt With a man to get away from him something thsf fs his. I It's easy enough to write cheques on the w»i»h s| I Buceess, but one has to be properly identified Is get then cashed. Keep psor troubles to yourself; when you toll them ysa are taking up tt» time of the moo wfco get then cashed. Keep psor troubles to yourself; when you toll them ysa are taking up tt» time of the moo wfco IS waiting to tell his. English Tourist: "I understand you AxaericaM* Meet all your rulers by ballot P Citixen: "Yes all except our wires." Miss Huggins: My father is very good at faces." Mr. Kisaam: "Then I had better not lrint any kisses here." Mr. Hiborn: By what unit of meaaurSBMtfl Mubl you properly estimate a man's devoliea tit you P Miss Lowe: The carat." 0 The Bashful Lover: "Miss Emily, T HI hsif* tie (sweetly) "Do you, Mr. MammasdearP 9t0; Wouldn't you like to joip ow aewing class P" The Heiress: "Am I the, only girl in the wfcols wide world you love?" He: "No, dear; but JO* are the only girl I know who could afford to maMi me." He: "Then I may live upon hope until next 8ua day, evening P" She: Oh, poor fellow, is it as baA ts that P Here, I'll lend yrm enough to btf a feeal." Two Opinions.—She: "No matter how smart a man ie he is sun to meet some other man who It smarter." He: Yq; and about 10.000 nomni wfce Vai "V t-hov are' Printed by €. T. LowU at \?auahan's Pointing Works, i, Salubrious Place, Swanseai in the County of Glamorgan. <