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CLEARED FOR SEA. -0-- Jan 4 Lancashire s 185, Spicer, Dublin, coal 420, Glas- brook Bros bunkers 20, W H Jenkins London s 929, Bom. Stettin, coal 2100, Inter. Anthra. Association bankers 130, E W Cook Azira s 683, Traadhaf, Barcelona, coal 1550, A. Andrews bunKeis 250, Riehards, Turpin Lena Petersen s 943, Westphal, Barletta, fuel 60(', coel 1500, Sir Griffith Thomas; bunKert Richards Turpin Start s 341, Olsen, Dieppe, olal 850, E W Cook bunKers 35, H Goldberg Fulton s 610, FalcK Rouen, coal 1300, Charvet tils bunKers 45, H Goldberg Corneille t 1408. Baron, Chantenay, coal 3000, buEKers 90, L Gueret Hero s 667, Tadstrand, Rochefort, coal 1500 bun Kers 70, L Gueret Ltd Glencona a 113, Findlay, Honflenr, coal 300, L Stephens bunKers 10. Harries Bros Jas Cameron s 1129, Davison, Hamburg, coal 2200, S'sea Patent Fuel Co; bunKers 130, Harries Bros Owain Tudor s 93, Cooper, Portsmouth and Shoreham, flour 230, Weaver & Co bunKers 15, Harries Bros Welshman s 13S, McKillop, Guernsey, coal 320, PwJlbach Oo bunKers 40, Harries Bros Anglesey s 54, Tyrrell, ArKlow, acid drums, Brifconferoy Chemical Co Princess Olgs s 437, Coilister, Hutf &c, general TucKer and Co Princess Sophia s 197. McGilvray, Hull &c, gen TucKer and Co Gtra s 494, Saanum, Rouen, coal 900, R. L. Morgan bunKers 40, G W Rutherford Portaferry s 74, James, Tenby, nil Amiral Exelmans s 3144, Gens, DunLirK, part inward cargo not landed



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