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Swansea Harbour


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Dock- Dock Master. D. G. DAVTES. —o —_ Aislaby e 1726, Campbell, Rosario Bala f 1814, Williams, Kherson Bretagne 210, Conedal, Mortagne BirKer Force s 159 J one-, Silloth Dalegarth s 1434, Storm, Stockton Enchantresse 70 Grazen, Paimpol Garibaldi 466 Evye, Liverpool Glencona s 99 Miller, Ardglass Golden Light 103 TreWain, Farebam Helene Lohdcn s 620 Anderson, W Hattlepool Irene 71 Lee, Bridgwater John Ewing 95 Norman. Watchet Jeanne et Rene 72 Bolden, Gloucester Kitty Ann 48 Chngg, Barnstaple Lizzie Ellen 84 CoppacK, Dublin Lena Peterson s P45 Restall, Manchester Lenora 29 Chichester, Barnstaple Maria Reid 76, Codd, Wexford Maroon s 907, Bordland, Glasgow Neptune 65 Long, Gloucester Owain Tudor s 79 Cooper, Poole Peari SI, McLynn, Chatham Peter James 79 Silvey, Gloucester Precursor 71, Tope, London Rapido s 1051, Arrazoto, DunkirK Susan Vittery 99 Davies Waterfoid William Balls s 1595, Kennedy, Ghenitchesk Wilhelm Colding s 93u, Kurtzhale, Antwerp Woolwich Infant 48 Quick, Penzance Zaima 318 Tobiassen, L'Orient AltiavL) January 4pm Effie Gray s 130 Wilson, Ayr Gimle s 638 Paterson, Manchester January 5 a.m. Welsh Trader s 437 Harston, Cardiff Dunmore s 42 Can-, Barry DOCK -4AIL.ES » January 4 p.m Taormina s 839 Larsen, Maryport Sir Walter s 297 Winscombe, L'Orient Portafcrry s 7-1 James Ten by New Pioneer s 320, Gemrrell, Rouen January 5 am Welshman s 138 McVicar, Guernsey Lancashire s 1S5 Spicer. Dublin Culzean Castle 147 Hughes, Nedina Mills Robt Brown 99, Hewitt; London o tr

";:J"'.L South Dock.

Prince of Wales Dock

Vessels in Rlirer.

j. I Fish Marked

Graving Docks.