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--Swansea Harbour

--..--------North Dock.

South Dock.

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South Dock. Dock Master W. COCKS. Advance 99, Clements, Gla^ow Annie BrocKlebanK 96 Roberts, Yonghal Condor fe 375, Rasmmsen, Villagarcia Congress s 697 Dabbert Rouen Dorothy s yt Boardman sea Elakoon 605, Gromoss, Risor General Lee 141 Stafford, Scbull Gauloise V'9 Braind, Morlaix Hero (yt) BoDd, sea Hannah Croasdell 141, Holt, Chatham Budiksvall a 724, Haelquist, Budijisvall Jessie 90 Gill, Plymouth Le Scorfi s 305 Jean, L'Orient Louise Marie 164 Bervi-, Etel Linn O'Dee s 282 Bie, Treport Normandy p s 261, Combe Nanine Agh-e 167, Cobeleac, Redon Osprey (yt) Parsons, Barry Peterborough a 298 Hannah, Poole Pauline 8S Coyec, Quimper Fete) burg = 492 Grew, put back damaged Bival 100, Lamey, Falmouth Sunlight s 227, Dawson, Milford Theory s 173 Mitchell, Whitehaveu Traveller 166, Truscott, London Telemaque 156 Ocrine, St Nazaire Unterweser No 18 859 Gerdes, Liverpool Victor 141 Nagle, Youghai Vivian (yt) Shea, Port Talbot Vera 153, Mj>ind, Bristol Wilham 1 I. Crannan < Zaima 318 Tobiassen, L'Orient ARRIVED January 1 p.m Start s 341 Olsen, koaen Rowi-na s (97 Falkrer. Manchester Destiny 36 Bushmen. Minehead Aisene 147 t'endu. Belie lIe Denif Papin 98 Leroy, Sables Victorine 78 Le forester, Lannion Burton B 344 Rees, Rouen Otra s 494 Laanunn, Rouen Agra s 62 Jones, Bristol Cheapside s 752 Collin, Caen January 2afm. Teviot a 443 McMillan, Cardiff The Ladv Belle s 99 Coruish, Port Talbot Johannis s 687 Lecuw, Nantes Ravonia a 277 Tildsby, Bristol SAILED January 1 p.m. Nil January 2 a,m. Solway Prince s 98 Gwens, Greenhill Oak s 80, Keenan, IN ewry Agra s 62 Jones, Bristol Gransha s 486 Roberts, Rouen

Prince of Wales Dock

I Vessels in River.

I Fish fViar&et-

Graving Docks.