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--Swansea Harbour

--..--------North Dock.

South Dock.

Prince of Wales Dock

I Vessels in River.

I Fish fViar&et-

Graving Docks.




NICfc DISHES. OBUM AND MUSHROOM AU GRATnt. RO the flesh from a crab and take the same amount of mushrooms, cleaned, peeled, and aiinced. Pot a couple of thin slices of onion in some melted batter on the fire, and when slightly browned itir in a little flour, adding sufficient cream to make a thick sauoe. In the meantime, boil tww Mgi hard, remove the yolks, and pass them •trough a sieve. Add these to the sauce with a little lemon-juice, the minced* mushrooms, the flaked meat of the orab, and stir well for tomm minutes over the fire. Then fill the shell of the entb with the mixture. Sprinkle over with fiiM breadcrumbs, pour some melted butter over tht top, and place at once in the oven. SCALLOPED FISH.—Take any remains of boibd flth and flake it finely. Then add to it the same toantity by bulk of breadcrumbs, and half tile quantity of stewed tomatoes. Moisten ?,'db well- boaten eggs., add pepper and salt, And pour into a well-buttered fireproof dish. Sprinkle liberally with breadcrumbs, mixed with finely>grat«« theeee, pour a little melted butter over the top. aDd bake in a moderate oven for about twenty- lYe to thirty-five minutes. STBWKD LEG or BEEP.-Cut 21b. of leg of belt tar more) into neat pieces. Put it into a stei*- #*n with some sweet herbs, one onion, tira MOYes, one carrot, one turnip, half a-head ci mleij, some black pepper, i pint of beer, and nffioient water to oorer. Skim the liqiof. Add to it half a-head of ready-boiled celery oat ID dioe, one or two boiled carwts and turnips, a little cayenne. Thiok«o some of the liquor with Ik little flour. Boil for a few minutes. Add a "Ade Tarragona or claret. Remove the wmfwt carefully. Lay as much of the meat as 1011 re- Quire in the sauce, and serve in a deep pie-disk. FBOUAGX A LA CBXMB AUX OLIVIS.-IBeS! OP ft fresh oream cheese in a bowl with suffloomit weam to moisten it well, and season with salt, Otyenne, and a few drope of lemon-juice. Take balf-a-dozen anall oliies, stone them, aad minoe finely; chop up the innermost stall of a Had of celery, previously washing it well, and work well into the oheese. Clean the larM I stalks of celery, and cut into three-ineh lengtlMk ViU tVif <rror^ of the^sfadks with tbs eh ease, aad