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SI jjjp -7 ir W ki 5 ft ID llu J;4 —Ml 0 a?h c £ h P .A. ja iasol r t t Lost Health Restored H-USBAN HEADACHES. BACK PAINS, AND LIITER |^ | W k* DISORDERS CURED. I HAVE LONG BEEN A SUFFERER FROM DREADFUL HEADACHES 11|| |„ AND PAINS IN TriE BACK." The above statement was made by Missj Auslielie'f <( K, 1 i I Annie Richard?, of 65, Weneage Stieet, Helston, to a representative of the Penrhynl Bile Peansfor Billicusness are the fr^ft'fTrTTy Advertizer." Continuing, Miss Richards satd These troubles arose from disordered j medicine, and certain cure ior Beadacbe. Ccnsti- liver snd defective t ile supply. My tongue was badly coated, giving me always a nasty! £ ^CoLdasjLRreenthT^dkeUicn3' FhXtenee1" taste in the mouth, and a disagreeable breath. Sleep and appetite were also interfered Loss of ^petite, Dizziness. Engine in tt e Hesd,' with, and I finally became SO ] £ nguif^, weak and unfit for W'Ofkj th#t I had to leave Sleeplessness, Debility, Aramia £ .nd all Ferrule my situation. At this tin e I becsrre alarmed through people expressing their fears Ailments. Of all Medicine Venders, Is. 3^n. and that I was suffering from some fatal disease, and as I got no better as time went on 2s. 9d. per box. (Lape box contains three times I gave tip hope, and began to thir k I should never regain my health. Of course, I wentj e 1uantlty ° sma Sl/ e)- to see a doctor, but, thoi- gh I faitf^futly toc.;k his medicine and follow7ed his treatment,] jpp jpA T T I did not get any hetiei. 1 was under meuical care from August to Christmas last year 1 Lolof Uix without benpfit. 1 v>as ?c:tuallv in despair, when one day I read an account in Pear-j aboye case °f Miss Richards is no isolated ttt i i, r it .1 j r, t~\ d-t instance, but one of the manv thousands or com- son's Week'y of a esse 1 ke my own that had been cured by Bile Beans for Bilious-1 p]ete cures accompiished by Bile Beans, and the ness. 1 detei mined to give thtm a trifd, £ ind must say they nearly worked a miracle. Proprietors have so much faith in the efficiency Tn a few weeks, in corstquen«e of their use, I was able to go back to the situation of their remedy, that they will forwar at-ampte that I had been cbligeu to leave thrc-ogh weakness. All my old svmptoms are now BQX Free, and a Book on Liver j gone, and fnra a helpless at d miserable git 1 1 have been transformed into a healthy o^ccompanyiTgl'oupon,a^d find happy being. 1 shall 1 e c!»d if you will let the whole worid know it, for the sake send it, with your name an*ad- of other poor suBeiers who should Lenefit by my experienca before it is too late." dress, and a penny stamp (to „ r.„. cover return postage,) to the G^ltUwr- BILE BEAN CO., jreek Street, 24/10/03 Leeds* LLaYD^S^t "DOWLAI^MITEOIL. i t Everyone is Praising Lloyd's U.I."Dowlais"White Oil p —————————————— ilie Imrac&fous faiiAilleft" «<fhich is a positive carevfor :—Backacke, Stiff-aad.Weak joints. Rheumatism, Lumbago,. Giandular Swellkigs, Sciatica, Chilblains, 9tiff Necks, Sore Throats; Bronchitis, Sprains, Cramp, Bruises, &c. Refuse imi- tations. Sold by all Chemists and Stores, or direct from the maker, 1/ 1/9, and 2/9 per bottle. in old or Chronic Case& it is well to take Lloyd's Gout and Rheumatic Ovulettes | Price 1/1K pe" .packet. ^These 11 will curerwhen eveiyjthkig else has I failed. I 140TE THE AooRMe— I J R .M.tLOYD,f » « s- | • ^AMTFRACTUNIWC- CHEMIST < a 28.VICTOR!A ST- JFLERTHYR I Thei« Pills mre es»T |\&rniCK 9 to swallow, beine very i small, and are a ptOTtd L Vegetable cemedyfoc •'} Headachci, r FlllS LiTer and | CURE SICK Stomach | j HEADACHES r Troubles, v Dyspepsia, ,j Kernlck's Constipation, ] ■ Billousnes*, yj V Ggfitflu 1 and all k ndred fi. I complaints, also Flll8 Rheumatism and TiO. j igo Taken in time they will VPDV kuu L 1 bteak Dp 4 CoW' pr8T,nt VDKI SMAliii I Influenza, or La Grippe, O oheck Fever, regulate the If g% functions of the body,and swi fiePniCK 9 care Sick Headachet. U: Vegetable Of all Chemists, Ac., Pills In 13^d. & 2/9 boxes, or direct from CURB SKI KmmmiOK mom, LTB. HEADACHES *oiw. w.. t N B N N M Ns a! S I LITTLE Bo- 1 J& WtwTsTO)(nowyou Know!!? i > 1 -Y 1 uruy • aHYyoobuy |o?aP0UN0(l2ozs) I of other Soa s For 2s. I WHEN von can buya of tierSoao For the SAWE m.lHyhi') f! | a A tWAYS USE j BOPEEP SCsSR ^akecs. Thomas & Bw lt<? Bristol. J "1 1 GUARANTEED CURE. After protracted and I painstaking research, a thoroughly safe and certain Remedy has been | discovered for NERVOUS DEBI'LITY in every form. r j Lost Manhood, Loss of Confusion of Ideas, Palpita- ^Energy, Loss of Vital tion of the Heart, Frightful ii" Power, Seminal Weakness, L-. fs f Dreams, Emaciation, Foetid 'SDimntss of Sight, Im. » B^Mth• L°W S!'iri" Timidity, Varicocele, Sper- .potenc, ETU Forebodings, Diseases of the ^Wasting Decay, Pains in Bladder, Weakness of the ^the Loins, Pimples and Genital Organs, and all Eruptions on the Face and Diseases of the Urinary raBody, Loss of Memory, J Organs. I wi!i send particulars of this simple and efficacious Cure to any sufferer who sends me self-addre.->ed stamped envelope. Do not delay if you are a sufferer, for it will cost you j nothing. —Address: Rev. JOSEPH HOPE, "St. Cloud,,rWestcourt Road, Worthing, England. J (Name this paper). I' I I GEORGES PILLS } Xf | Yii Gadarn fel y Graig r. ..if- — Firm as a Rock. — Tra mae Tyfieiriau ereill wedi codi, arb cilwaith wedi cilio c'r t oHvg niae un dd«pariaeth yn eirs gw!ai wedi cas In Ilerth o flwuidyn iflw) clcl:)ll\ ar hyd y chwarter canrif diweddaf eto yn parllall i ^yiiyddii mewn gw< rtliiant a phofelog- rvvjdd f81 h)]1 y mae ei chym riad wedimyMed mor eang a g,vareiddiad. < rin eisiau crybwyll mai y feddyginiaetli y cyferir atiydywy byd- enwog pSotelwSS Gellir cael y Feddyginiaeth hon yn y tri flurff canlynol:— No. 1.===George's Pile and Gravel Pills. No. 2.===George's Gravel Pills. No. 3.===George's Pills for the Piles. Mewn Blychau, is. i Ic. a 2S. gc. yr un. Drwy yr post,is. 2C. a 23. ice. ~k R werth drwy yr holl fjdL jf^adnabyddus, mewn BlychBm — Is. l,c., a 2s. 9c, yr un. —————,——————————————— John Mo gan k %Mt Undertakers and Com,plete Funeral Furnishers, 3, Monk Street, ABERDARE. Hearses and Mourning Carriages kept to suit* all Classes. Estimates given for Bricked Graves. Defy Quality & Price* Note the Address-53, Monk Street, Aberdar. -.¡- At y Ddanodd a'r Neuralgia. wwjf5^mw ¥W"^o j Yw yr Unig Feddyginiaeth Ddyogel a Pharhaus. j Byth yn Methu. j Gwarentir ei fod.yn Ddiniwed, Tystiolaethiau Goreu! Gwerthir gan bob Chemist mewn Potelau am 1/1 2/ a 3/6. M. HOWELL JONES, A.P.S., -0. [SEFYDLWYD 1869,J • Frederick D.E.George,, A. I. ,J", t< .¡ (Late George Jones, formerly Isaac Thomas), | Argyn^erwr a Choffinwr, 124 & 25, Seymour Street. ABi-Ji" AB. DvTBtina Frederick D. E..George cidiolcb yu wre8>g i'r '«ri y g'tfaog&atb y iB&n- wedi ei cttael yn y faiynyddoedd a aethant heibio; a dyoiuaa hefyd wnaad yu uywys tod gaa» adyc-t bob peth augearheldiof at wasaoaetb Hiigladdot nm y priaoedd t-hafcaf ya y csjrftryn. FiroiHiRog 'pats maitSi » Rboddir rhestr o brisoedd Bricked Graves ar ymofyniad. v dtosmsibu-^ 25,> SRi'MOUii STEE.ET, IBEBDARfi! F Printed and Published by Gw^m Evans, at kis General Ypntmg* Office, 19, Cardiff-street, Aberdare, irifoe Cotinty of Glamorgan, January /tn, I