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Eisteddfod Penderyn.


Mae Cenad i ti Ddywedyd Drosot…

I Ceinewydd.

Rheilffordd JDrydanol.\

Cymdeithas Ddarbodol y j Glowyr.…

Marwolaethau Americanaidd.


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----I Dau Air o Dreorci.




ZP H I is prepared on an "entirely new prin- | TO B I ciple. It cures all ailments arising L'jjn II from a diseased condition of the p lil STOMA ;H, LIVEK. KIDNEYS & || »,■ |j! which, when diseased, cause nearly all |||a sickness. It possesses extraordinary P|i5i. M| tonic and strengthening power, and is Kill very highly esteemed amcXngst doctors III as a permanent cure for HABITUAL n|j| CONSTIPATION. It acts as a "TONIC M LAXATIVE," and sho^'d be taken jl|(^S ||| PRICE PER BOTTLE. B|| DOSE—For an adult one teaspoonial j$j«. H twice or three tinies daily, after meals, in a little water for children g|| under twelve, half-a-teaspoonful; HjU for infants, five drops. Increase the HD dose if the bowels are very costive. ira ||||, Read book of instructions carefully ||M ffl" ("Aariufacfured only by f'l'P' E Tbe WIIW DEI'# ii i '^ANIG^E'STER.. ENGLAND. trfw.itisy jj|k. I, Is 0EIJOIOJJS "1(F.PfWSfW¡(i, It KVJIICHRS W THE IlUJOn and L.< TKFI (l'in COCOA$$' cdaiainlnS t'ERnWCimuS RI.EMBNTS. j Packed iu 6d., 9d, and l/S tins. Of Alt Groccrs. PBEE Girr of EieotrO'Silvap JuH M' as an Advertisement. &r.r Coupoc inside das Er I FREE s& SENT To ALL. Ferru-Cocoa Manufacr'i! Co., Ltd., m rsosvv' 1 r K >» n • r»/V K.C. P HORSES, D0QS, BJRDS, CATTLE. 120,000 OWNERS OF ANIMALS Have secured a oopy of tiie ELLSU1 FIRST AID ElIK Extract from a letter received from Major-General Baden-Powell referring: to The ELLIMAN FIRST AID BOOK. "It will, I am convinced, be of the greatest- value to the Troop Officers of the Constabulary throughout the New Territories, and I an), slIppIylng each of them with a copy." Seat post free for is. In stamps, or upon receipt of the label affbcod for the purpose to the outside of the back of the wrapper 01 M. as. 6d., and 3s. 6d. bottles ef ELUM'S ROYAL EHBROCATIO;! THE ELLIMAN FIRST AID BOOK- Published by Ellimao, Sons & Co., Slough, Eng.