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--:01 ;—■——. CYNGHOR CELF…

-:0:--j ABERDAR. | j

Eisteddfod Flynyddol Dowlais








--'--"-:0':!ABERDARE POLICE…

Endorsement of License.

Endorsement of Licenses.

General Buller in the Dock.j

More Drunks.

Fighting in the Street. I

Leaving His Cart om the Street.

Horse Straying 00 the H-igbw'ay.…

i The Children's Charter,

Smoking in the Mine.!

) Bastardy Arrears, j


Endorsement of License.

Alleged Assault. *



UP AND DOWN THE CYNON. j M tartan Ash is. evidently looking, up. The Laundry Co. recently formed for Moun- tain; Ash and District are now advertising for tenders for the erection of the New Laundry, and it is expected that before the end of the summer the New Laundry will be am ac- complished fact. The Pavilion; and MiarLct ¡ Co. has also beeni formed, and \vti urhder- j stand, that the new pavilion will be ready in time for the Easter Monday Eisteddifod: meanwhile a strong committee; of the resi- i dents, is farmed to invite the National Eis- teddfod to come to Mountain; Ash in 1905. j It is; time to get, the; National once more to i the Valley of the Cymop, for it is now J 8 I years since, it was at Aberd;a,re last. The; Mountain Ash Free Church Council j is1 also up amd doing, and thev have secured for this (Tuesday') evening, a, visit from- the Rev. J. Hirst Hollo well, on. the Education j Act. What is the AberdaM Council doing ■ We have hea,rd nothing of its. doings since the annual meeting. Where is the new pre- sident and the officers? At the annual1 nieeting the question of the forthcoming District Council Election loomed largely, but if anything is to, be dome, it must be done early. Otherwise a golden opportunity will be allowed; once more to slip. If the Free Church Council is to become the power it shouldJill the valley, the Executive should be up and doing. Never were there more questions waiting for a settlement, and, the sooner they are taken; up the; better for the welfare of the District. We aim gratified to learn; that the pros- pect of too Free Library being shortk-1 opened im the, District is improving. The j lease for the building for the Central Library7' will be very shortly opened, amd the building handed over to the District Coui> j cik Im Mill street, too, the building is being j rapidly completed!, and- there; is every pros- j pect that the, Library will be, opened in month or two. So far affairs at Aberamap are hangIng fire; but we understand that I the Committee is hopeful that during the next month or so some real advance mil be made. A large numtber of those who have enroll- ed themselves to join the Fire Brigade have now been: selected, and in a short space cf time, the Aberdare Fire Brigade will be an accomplished fact. This is an, institution badly needed iim the town, aml, its advent will be hailed; with delight by all. Another much needed improvement in Aberdare, which is likely to be effected shortly, is the wtiidening, of the road and, the making of a pavement in Abemamt road, ixoim the top of the existing pavement in; front of Mr R. Howell's house, to the Aber- nant level crossing. This wil'l much im- tyove the entrantce to the towm from Mer- tkyir, andl will be a great boom; to pedestrians walking down from; Abemamt to Aberdare. In spite of the difficulties in, the way, it is to be hoped that the Council will stall per-1 sevetre with the proposal to have a new ro¡ad 1 made from Jubilee road, Aberamap, below I the; Great Western Railway. This would be a- very great advantage to the residents ip ( Cwmamam, and especially to brake and cab j owpers. Of course, if the field below the railway is built upon, there will be no chance I to tarry out this improvement, except a.t an imraemse cost. This would be a, great loss: +-> the district to secure the malting of the .cad.