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UP AND DOWN THE ('Y~NO>r. I r-K, Mountain rayiuon j Clynpany, u> w hich, we have bt- 'ore rei^nvd! m this, column;, hr.s be-eaci; registered, aixi the maw PaviHo-n, which-will accommodiat^some J2,OOO tY 14,000 people, will be reacy for t'-«e Kaster Monday Ej&k^iihKi It is al90 r. H'_irpose<i to take steps almost irr-rnjeti_= I tü. invite the National EisteddSfcd to >okf it i artrmal meetings at Motnfta-.a A»h. m: 1;)°5. J Meanwhile, nothing has baer?t we i lUide-rstand decided' in reference to the re- j bidl'ling of the Market H-otise at Ajberriare, | b.J.t a temporarv roof will be put up forth- í vlth. while the Directors, are cantBCeang j tV* advisability of rebuilding or entering mto cjc^otiatioms with the Abe v dare UrbaTit; Distrlet Council as t" tb" uuarhata if the! sate. Pxobabh c*uruv :h ::mv% fortalpfct; somo prepress will be mace rn thug rr^s-ttsr Wc are plea sec to that the appeal; for volunteers fc-r the prc>;>>i Fire Brigaxje Ls tbe Town has met with, a. hearty response, jtrfcdJ a large number have sent in their names j tr" the Clerk of the r r; )., District to be en- tilled. The Brigade v. H probably be or-j gjn'ised.; as s-oon as p;>b.. nd it is to be s":rjeere;ly hoped that once uie same is enr- rolled the members will not be slack in the •u&tter of practising: s.o that in any emerg- j ency they may be prepared tx> compete, wfth ani oubreak of fire. In that way the Police Force will be relieved so that they may give j liuiir whole attention, to the very mectsssary \>ürk of keeping back the crowds, and thus. give the members of the Brigade clear space t, work in. The adage that "coming events cast their shadows before" is once again* verified, a."JJ the talk of the district is of the forth- cosming District Council Elections in Apri-1 nest. The Trade and Labour Council are already on the look-out for suitable candi- da.tes far several of the seats; but whether tliijy will be more fortunate than in the past fj rgelv depends upon wh- thev will be careful in the selection of candidates who ■will be generally popular. The Frk", Church Council is also. it is S"1.Ÿd:, Cfjossdenng t*se desirabi 1 ity cf taking an active part in thfe fray: owing especially to the fact that under the New Education Act that the con- trol of the Schools in the District, will pass to tlxe Council. It is to be hoped, however, that the Executive of the Free Church 'Council will as far as possible' work in har- inoray with the Labour Patty in the; district, as that is the only means of securing really strong progressive men oh the Council The fault of the progressive party in thts past has o l>e»era its ddvisiotn and it is to bei^wicerely j ti.oped: that this will not be repeajbeti on this the first election, after the passing of the jLfrucation Act. A great deal will depe nd upon the scheme for the adrainrefcration of the Act prepared by the Counoii, fotT once such a scheme is passtsd it will be founds ex-1 ceedingly difficult to amend. it. The red tape of Government Departmesnta is, as crnr j readers are well aware, proverbial: so do not let us make a bad initial step. • I Speaking of the Education Act, we under- stand, that at the Mountain-; Ask District Council, the question of {^; appocntrrsent of a oommittee to ccmsiderthe ra^tihod of pro- j cerfure to be atiop-bed, will cocoa up for Jis- cussioro at the next meeting. 1 0 1 "J^wire are numermis rmprovenwnts ooe-cf- edi in the parish of Aberdane, to several of T.-hich the CooncM Ls already pkulged, but: Y. hichi it is so far fownd impossible to carry out owing to the opposition of interested j "arties. The new road to Cwmbttfch, the f)ropos.ed;, new road to CwnwiMn, to say ijothing of the Electrical Tramway Scheme. are among the number. It is to be feared t these and other much, neaded krjprove- ■ ti>ents caji only be- obtained by means cf an Act of Pariiaiaesjt, 3100 it would bt, vexy ad- I for the Qxtmrii now m time to hoT- cughly consider the advisability od wh2..t Marthyr has derided to do., vi* to in. trcduoe inf o' P^diameiifc next year Mi- Omnri-! bus Bill, whereby they mrgiat ba enabled to obtain comp\dso«ry p*>Tner.a for securing lands, etc., for aU the schemes wliicb. it may j be detarmated to proceed vrith. No -doubt | tlitis is a costly method of proceaita-e, but it j i s quite possible th/t in the long mn it may lv* found: the cheapest, in any case, it is far w'ser to discuss the matter: m fcirrj> and' fujs be p^sjxvrfd in the a«tumn, if tiwjAight (vesirab!e t). oofcice of aMcb BiE I We dire pfe&sed to team (iat, ti^ss»ks to 1 t pe<rsevie'iaj»oe. cÆ Mr Heppeil. a w:>rk- I r^n's train witi shortly run from th < tc p of McnV. street to Cvvra iman. Is there, we -n :t, no chaace of gettmr the Greet'' >V est era Cowipanr>/ to go a atep ^urthjer, and j rvn, p'^Jtractwa' tra.hi« on this brasnch it least fr:»-n, Cv, .an t-i Aberdaw? We under- j S'c^n-J-tiuot it woUi!d be rmpossibie to do so to < H rwaun. *v^thiOUt ffiMsnSdiiig' the D«..r-e and Gam1 in V-sducts; but this -wouM not pre- Vrlt a tra^n n-O'Tff.n^ f-rora Cw^ns?:a;.&n to) Ab^riire A ChAcaber cl Trad", hw re- ccnt!v baer-i fortnpad fe-r Aberarnan aoad: Cwrnr r.¡.art¡ it cfc-alt body vas able fj-cbtaiti fc.r Cwm€iiii"« thaw nnich necsiesi bo>n, thev vou^d' Ckni tha.f., evew if they did; yv.,thins- they vrauld have dbne enough. Uv; ac'y i.^ir eari3ft^oa., •

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