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SIR WILFRID LAWSON'S FAREWELL TO MR. BRYN ROBERTS. The following is a copy of the characteristic letter of farewell addressed by Sir Wilfrid Lawson, M.P., to Mr. Bryn Roberts on the latter's retirement from the House of Commons to take up the duties of County Court Judge for Glamorganshire Farewell, farewell dear friend, with whom I oft have sat in hours of gloom, When snuffling, scuttling Tories ruled And Queen and nation both befooled When Balfour, linked with "Jingo Joe," When that was right and true laid low When gin and gunpowder prevailed With all the horrors they entailed When things had come to such a pass That Parliament seemed but a farce. And now, when day begins to dawn With streaks that mark the coming morn, By nobler thoughts when men are stirred And Freedom's rallying shout is heard, And good "C.-B." leads forth his band To fight for blessings for our land, I grieve to think that you must go, Nor longer battle with the foe- The foe who'll trouble us again, For though he's scotched he is not slain And gin and gunpowder once more Will plague us, as they did before. Well, we shall miss you much, I'm sure Farewell, farewell, dear old Pro-Boer" May health and happiness endure. Brayston. \V. L.

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