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Home News. ANGLESEA. The annual vestry was held on Friday at Holy- head, the Rev. T. Edwin Jones, the new vicar, pre- siding. The Chairman called attention to the fact that £ 1,000 was left by the late Miss Ellen Owen to erect a church house. As far as he could ascer- tain no progress had been made during the past year. A site had been purchased near the Market for £100, and with legacy duties the amount would be brought down to about £ 800, but the interest had been accumulating. The Rev. James Jones was the legatee, and the matter rested with him. A committee was appointed to assist the vicar and churchwardens in carrying out the scheme, and it was decided that the Rev. James Jones be com- municated with. CARDIGAN A two days' bazaar at the University College, Aberystwyth, in aid of the Athletics Equipment Fund, was opened on Wednesday by "Allen Raine." It is ihe intention of the promoters, who are mainly old students, to secure sufficient funds to purchase a field large enough to accommodate all the athletic clubs of the college. Allen Raine," who was warmly received, said she was not an admirer of excessive devotion to sports and games, which seemed to be such a marked feature of the present time. Still her sympathies were with the young people who wanted to have them. The new public library at Aberystwyth, which has been erected through the munificence of Mr. Andrew Carnegie, who gave a donation of £ 3,000, was opened on Friday last. It has been erected on a site given by the Corporation. It has a news- room with seats for 36 readers, a lending library with shelt accommodation for 10,000 volumes, and a reference reading-room with shelving for 2,000 volumes, also an artroom on the first floor having an area of 1,458 square feet. The opening cere- mony was gracefully performed by Mrs. Vaughan Davies, wife of the county member, who was pre- sented with a silver key by Councillor Samuel, chairman of the Public Librarv Committee. CARNARVON. The Rev. J. T. Lewis, curate of Pwllheli, who is leaving this month to take up a living in Canada, is to be succeeded by the Rev. R. Cynfelin Jones, late of Holyhead. Mr. Lloyd-George has consented to perform on May 12 the opening ceremony in connection with new waterworks in the rising seaside resort of Nevin, on the Lleyn Peninsula, constructed at a cost of £ 4,000. A dove, which worked its way into a cell ot the Pwllheli police station and which was expelled with great difficulty, made its way back in a few hours and insisted on remaining there, the police eventually surrendering and giving it some food. At a meeting of the three Executives of the Car- narvonshire Constitutional Association, representing the three Parliamentary divisions, held on Monday at Carnarvon, the following resolution was unani- mously adopted, on the motion of Colonel Platt, president of the Association, seconded by Mr. H. Lloyd Carter :—" That this meeting regards the recent Education Bill as unjust, inequitable, and detrimental to the rights and legitimate claims of denominationalists, and pledges itself to a deter- mined opposition of such Bill." DENBIGH. Two months ago the Town Clerk of Denbigh verbally resigned his office as a protest against the remarks made by Councillor Roger Pryce, but afterwards withdrew it. At the monthly meeting of the Town Council on Thursday evening the borough surveyor (Mr. John Davies) objected to certain remarks made by Councillor J. Morris Davies, and requested the Mayor to accept a month's notice of his resignation. Mr. Morris Davies said he did not in any way mention the surveyor's name, and in this view he was upheld by other members of the Council. FLINT. On Easter Monday some of the visitors to St. Asaph Cathedral played a silly joke with the clock, with the result that it was stopped. They also scattered the surplices and other vestments hanging in a partitioned-off robing room over the floor. Steps are being taken to ascertain the names of the individuals concerned. GLAMORGAN. One of the leading officials in the Cardiff Tram- way Department was surprised to find one day this week that his face had become spotted red during a shower which he experienced on one of the Channel boats. He thought little of it at the time, but later on one of the local councillors was telling him that his daughters mentioned the same thing as having occurred to them. As it was raining at the time, this gentleman went outside to see for himself, and was much astonished to notice that wherever the rain fell on his hands it spotted them red. The only conclusion to which they could come was that the colouring was brought about by some of the volcanic dust which had been carried over from Vesuvius.



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