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Home News. CARNARVON. In response to representations by the Railway Facilities Committee of the Llandudno Urban District Council, the London and North-Western Railway Company have arranged to grant tickets to a dozen places of interest in North Wales from Llandudno at cheap fares on Mondays as well as Wednesdays and Saturdays. The tickets for the outward journey are available by one or more con- venient trains which are specified, and holders of the tickets may return by any train. These tickets will, no doubt, be very largely used by visitors in the spring and early summer, before the usual summer facilities are put into operation. It would be an improvement to issue the tickets for Bettws-y-Coed and Llanrwst by the 9.30 a.m. train instead of the 8.15, the latter being rather early for holiday-makers. Mr. T. Westlake-Morgan, organist of Bangor Cathedral, has this week been the recipient of an illuminated address, signed by the senior resi- dentiary canon (Archdeacon Williams), the two minor canons, six lay clerks, twelve choristers, vergers, and other officials of Bangor Cathedral. The presentation took the form of a surprise packet. the well-known organist being greatly astonished one evening to find the Cathedral practice- room invaded for the purpose by this influential deputation. The proceedings were of a very cordial nature, the address concluding with the sincere wish that Mr. Westlake-Morgan might continue long as organist and master of the choristers, which ancient and honourable post he fills with such conspicuous ability, affording to all cultured lovers of church music genuine delight. DENBIGH. Early on Thursday morning Mr. J. Hughes, jun., Yew Tree Farm, Rossett, discovered a man lying dead on the footpath at Marford. The body has been identified as that of John Davies, painter, aged 59 years, who is said to be a native of Chester. GLAMORGAN. A London weekly paper the other day referred to the member for Mid-Glamorgan as Sir" S. T. Evans. Is this a case of intelligent anticipation ? A middle-aged woman, Mrs. Mary Macdonald, wife of Mr. Alexander Macdonald, i, Pedwranfach, Lower High Street, Merthyr, met with a shocking death on Monday evening. She was proceeding up Picton Street when a Great Western Railway goods dray was coming out of an entry. She was knocked down and the front wheel passed over her chesty inflicting terrible injuries. She was dead when picked up, and the body was conveyed by the police ambulance to her home. The driver, who was leading the horse out, heard a shout but could do nothing to prevent the accident. At Pwllgwaun, Pontypridd, on Monday night Sir Alfred Thomas, M.P., referring to secular instruction in schools, said he did not agree with the teaching of religion in State-aided schools. He was going somewhat before his friends, perhaps, in this direction, but he held that the State had nothing to do with the religion of any person. Some had been speaking very freely about his declaration. There was a Scriptural quotation, Woe unto him of whom everyone speaks well." Well, he had got out of the woe, at any rate. It was quite indifferent to him what persons thought of him so long as he believed himself to be right. He had one great objection—the teaching of religion in State-aided schools by Agnostics, and in one instance he knew it had been done. The Rev. Wm. Saunders moved, at a meeting on Tuesday of the Glamorgan Education Com- mittee, that a committee be appointed to consider the advisability of delegating greater powers to local groups of managers of Council Schools. He thought the appointment of teachers and the dealing with many details that at present burdened the Central Committee could be dealt with advan- tageously by the local groups who at present occupied a farcical position, having no control over the teachers. If they adopted his suggestion the schools would be more efficient and would be


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