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vW'snM* The Great Western and Metropolitan Dairies LIMITED, THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS IN LONDON, Guarantee a supply of Pure Milk to Dairymen. { ™t,Z»sAAP°PLV 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDON, W. PARTICULARS APPLY X, \V TELEPHONE- 229 PADDINGTON. H. WILLINGS & Co., Dairy Business Agents & Valuers, 125, FLEET STREET, E.G., TELEPHONE: No. 150 HOLBORN. MILK: CLOSE PUTNEY.—24 barns daily at 4d; shop £12 weekly; 2 prams; handsome premises; c rent low price ^"575 offer. MILK: NEAR EALING.—30 barns daily at 4d. on 2 prams shop £10 weekly model premises, on lease price ^"650, bargain. Indoor Dairies. CITY, near.-Trade 639 weekly all at £275 NORTH, near in.—Trade 670 weekly ^275 HOXTON, near,-Trade 650 weekly £200 KENSINGTON.-Trade r15 weekly. ^95 CLERKENWELL.—Trade ^20 weekly £ &q S.E., near in.-Trade ^15 weekly 660 HOLBORN.-Trade £8 weekly 635 PECKHAM.—Trade c16 weekly £70 LAMBETH.—Trade ^30 weekly £ 105 HAMMERSMITH, near. MILK.—Sound concern 10 barns daily at 4d. I pram shop Z12 weekly; rent very low; price £195; genuine. Selection. KING'S CROSS. —10 barns4d.; shop £10; pram £150 PADDINQTON.—16 barns 4d.; shop £ 44; pram £350 PUTNEY.—barns 4d. shop £ 14; pram £180 N.W.—154 barns 4d. shop £ z\ pram £450 HACKNEY.-13 barns 4d. shop £ 9; pram £ 250 BOROUGH .—22 barns 4d. shop ZS; 2 prams £400 NORTH • —30 barns 4d. shop £ 12 3 prams £690 WEST.-30 barns 4d. shop £25; 3 prams £ 900 W.C.-22 barns 4d. shop £ 20; 2 prams £600 KENSINGTON. —10 barns 4d. shop £8; pramCiSo MARYLEBONE.-24 barns 4d. shop Zio; 2 prams ^690 S.W. (select). —10 barns 4d. shop £12; pram £240 H IG HOATC-g barns 4d. shop Zi i £ 190 CITY, near.—11 barns 4d. shop £22; pram £ 220 Full details of H. WILLINGS & Co., above. WILLIAM DAVIES, Dairy and Insurance Agent, 160, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C. To intending purchasers of Cow Businesses and Milk Rounds. Splendid selections. Come to Davies. MILK.W., 340 gallons daily 4d., shop £20, pram rounds, price £ 3,000. N.W., 30 gallons 4d., shop £ 14, 1 round, price £415, no rent. Paddington, 18 gallons, shop £8, rent £45, let £ 66, price £260. W., 10 gallons, shop £ 5, new pram and churn, price £ 45, part can remain. W., 30 gallons all 4d shop £15, high-class, pram, price £495. Indoors Shop £ 7°; price £25°. Holborn, Z16 trade, price £ 50. Notting Hill, trade £20, price £120. Greenwich, trade £ 25, price £ 110. Stratford, trade £18, price £ 30. City shop, £3°, price CiS. Great list to choose in rounds and indoors. PURE MILK. SWEET MILK. Punctually delivered to Wholesale Customers only in any part of London. DAIRY SUPPLY CO., LTD., Museum Street, London, W.C. "SEREN CYMRU" (The Star of Wales). WEEKLY ORGAN OF THE WELSH BAPTISTS. (ESTABLISHED 44 YEARS.) BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM IN THE PRINCIPALITY Circulates in every village and town in Wales, and largely in Engkmd and America. T. POWELL, Advt. Manager BRYNTIRION GLAIS, CI.YDACH, R.S.O., GLAM. D. J. TRUSCOTT & CO., Dairy and Tarm Agents and Ualuers, W.—30 barns daily 4d. £12 shop rent£5°. £750 W.—24 barns daily 4d. £10 shop rent ^35- £690 N.E.—18 barns daily 4d. £14 shop £320 N.W.—7 barns, daily 4d. £ 10 shop £ 120 N,—12 barns daily 4d. £ 1$ shop £240 S.E.—10 barns daily 4d. f 16 shop £250 S.E.—22 barns daily 4d. £10 shop £$oo ERITH. —16 barns daily 4d. 620 shop £ 260 Indoor Trade from 67 to £$0 weekly, prices up to ^250 Telephone II, BOND COURT, No. 123bg Central. W ALBROOK, E.C. A 10/6 Pen for 2/6 oMnnHnHHBHnnBnnBnnnnnflnBHMBwaMM |fil| all readers of fc "The London Welshman." "J On sending your name and f address and Postal Order for M 2/6 we will forward to you post I A On sending your name and IK free a thoroughly ■ Reliable Fountain I Pen ■ fitted with 114-carat Gold Dili, 1 chased Vulcanite Barrel. I SURE TO PLEASE. I Address- "LONDON WELSHMAN," II 45, St. Martin's Lane, London, STOCKWELL & CO., Ltd, Shipping Agents and Licensed Passage Brokers. Tickets issued to THE CONTINENT, AMERICA, CANADA, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALASIA, and to all Stations on THE LONDON & NORTH. WESTERN RAILWAY CO.'S SYSTEM. Goods, Parcels and Baggage collected and forwarded to all parts of the World. FURNITURE PACKED and SHIPPED in Vans or Cases ll' KINO ST.^CHEAPS^DE, 8/10, Beak St., Regent SL, Tel.4TDW0ANrAnd LONDON, W. J 5073 BANK. Tel. 1721 GERRARD. "Better than Best." B.T.B. BREAD (Every Loaf weighs 2 lbs.) There is no Bread to equal it. Absolutely Pure. Sales have doubled since last July. "B.T.B." Pastry Whites Flour goes farther in cooking than any other Brand, makes lovely Cakes, Pastry or Puddings. Sold by all High Class Dairies and Provision Dealers. Wholesale only of J. STEAM BAKERIES, GOODINGE RD., N. FRASER & GERARD, 63, High Holborn, W.C. ACCOUNTANTS, BUSINESS TRANSFER AND PARTNERSHIP AGENTS. VALUATIONS MADE. We have for sale now a business of ten years' standing which is a genuine bargain. Profits for last four years 1'6 weekly nett. Price £ 600. Write or call. D* COOKSEY SON, Inexpensive & Modern Funerals. (Price List on Application). 266, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON, and 52, AMWELL STREET, PENTONVILLE. Carriage Department, 97, CHAPEL STREET Telephone Nos 30 and 601, KING'S CROSS. EVAN DAVIES, Draper and Milliner, 224, EDGWARE ROAD, W. Nearly opposite Praed Street, W. STOCKTAKING SALE DURING JANUARY. NUMEROUS BARGAINS. A VISIT WILL WELL REPAY. ALL WINTER GOODS GREATLY REDUCED.