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Notes from South Wales.




Notes from South Wales.


physical strain proved too much, and the Marchioness was obliged to welcome the remainder without shaking hands. Welsh Girl's Memorial. It is satisfactory to note that the movement for erecting a memorial to Mary Jones, the Welsh girl who walked from Llanfihangel to Bala, when sixteen years of age, to procure a Bible from the Rev. Thomas Charles, is being brought to a head, and ere long the memorial will be erected at Llanfihangel in the centre of the ruins of the house in which Mary Jones lived whilst a child. Electioneering. The election enthusiasm is rising, and we are on the eve of keen fighting. Although well aware that they stand no chance in such con- stituencies as Carmarthen Boroughs, Brecon- shire, East Monmouth, South Carnarvon, Carnarvon Boroughs, &c., the Conservatives are, nevertheless, forcing a fight. Indeed, it is very likely that there will also be Conservative strap- hangers in even such intensely Radical districts as Cardiganshire, Rhondda, and Merioneth- shire. Llandrindod Wells. It is asserted that the new water lately dis- covered at Llandrindod Wells places the famous Welsh Spa" on a level with the best Con- tinental spas. It appears that Mr. Heighway, of the Rock Pump Rooms, sunk a new saline well, and the water on analysis was found to contain sulphate of soda, an aperient which will act on the liver. It is worth adding that this property of soda exists in the springs of Marienbad, which the King visits. A Pretty Story. Victory for Wales over New Zealand meant much for many, but to no one did it mean more than to a little London lad-a London Welsh boy-who depended upon the victory result as the realisation of the promise of a lifetime. Please read the wire and see To Dr. Williams, Queen's or Royal Hotel, Cardiff. Well done, daddie. Can I have my rocking-horse now ? —LLEWELLYN. Needless to say he has had it." Thus wrote Mr. D. H. Bowen, a well-known South Wales athletic writer, in the Cardiff Evening Express. Conservative Straphangers. Mr. Llewellyn Williams's recent public observation that he would probably be opposed at the coming election by some Conservative straphanger has proved a correct surmise, for the Hon. Vere Ponsonby has been dumped into the Carmarthen Boroughs to oppose Mr. Williams. The Hon. Vere Ponsonby is a per- fect stranger in the district, has absolutely no interest in Wales, does not understand the National aspirations of the Principality, and the only recommendation he possesses is that of cash. It is ridiculous to think that this type of man is a fit and proper person to represent a Welsh constituency like Carmarthen Boroughs in the House of Commons. In fact, his candidature partakes of an insult to the electors of Carmarthen Boroughs. Mr. Llewellyn Williams is a native of Carmarthen- shire, and a Welsh patriot; the Hon. Vere Ponsonby is an Irishman, and—a straphanger I have sufficient faith in the common sense of the electors of the Carmarthen Boroughs to predict a brilliant victory for Mr. Llewellyn Williams and the rout of the Hon. Straphanger. The Real Issues. It is evident that the great bulk of the electors are awake this time, and are not going to be hoodwinked by the Conservative leaders, as was the case at the last general election. The electors were then told that the war in South Africa was, alone, the issue at stake, but after being elected to power, Mr. Balfour, the man without a conscience," and his Government, rushed through a so-called "Education" Act, whose sole object was to aim a blow at Non conformist principles, and make the power of the priest more secure. Not only that, but this despicable Tory Government got up a Coercion Act solely directed at the Welsh Nonconformists, who had objected to the reactionary priests' Bill. No true Welshman could possibly vote for any man who supports the views of the wretched Government that lately went out of office. And as to so-called "Unionism," let not the fact be forgotten that the Unionism of to-day is Protection, the dear loaf, the industrial trust, the lobbyist at Westminster, corruption of political institutions, the piling up of great fortunes by the manipulators of tariffs, and the general fleecing of British consumers.