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Welshmen Known in London.-XI.…


very soon, thanks to the tact and good spirit of the Association secretary and one or two others, and for many years now there has been complete harmony. Through the Association, Mr. Vincent Evans has been able to do most valuable service to the Eisteddfod. He knows everything about it from without and within. He is always present at its meetings, sitting at the secretaries' table, suggesting and guiding those less experienced than himself. The valuable prizes given by the Association from year to year serve more than one, purpose. They not only turn the energies of the Welsh minds into fresh fields, but they also give to all local committees suggestions asto how to draw out a list of proper subjects. And were it not for the Association, it is most improbable that the successful odes, and poems, and essays, would never be published. There may be reasonable doubt as to the permanent value of many of these compositions, but there can be no doubt about the desirability of making known to the public what has been rewarded at the National Literary Tournament. Since 1881, Mr. Vincent Evans has acted as editor of the National Eisteddfod Transactions, and in that capacity has laid the people of Wales under a great burden of debt. This energetic Welshman finds many other openings for service. He is treasurer of the London Welsh Charitable Aid Society, member of the committee of the London Union of Literary Societies, and member of the Council and of the Court of Governors of the University College of Wales. The celebration, memorial, and presentation funds, of which he has acted as secretary, are almost innumerable. He can guide a committee and draw out subscriptions as only one to the manner born can do.