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The Great Western and Metropolitan Dairies, LIMITED, 4ftfaSfr THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS IN LONDON, W^Apf Guarantee a supply of Pure Milk to Dairymen. 9- HARROW ROAP^PAPPINOTON, LONDON, W. H. WILLINQS & Co., Dairy Business Agents & Valuers, 125, FLEET STREET, E.C., TELEPHONE: No. 150 HOLBORN. Centre of WEST END. MILK.—30 barns daily at 4d., on one compact pram; butter, eggs, &c., £ 20 weekly; excellent premises; rent nearly all let off; wages, 2 boys lease 14 years same hands years. Price £ 900 Near TOWER BRIDGE. MILK.—24 barns daily at 4d., on 2 prams shop £18 weekly nice shop, house, &c. rent low; wages 18s. weekly. Price ^520 close offer. Near in NORTH. MILK.-Sound trade of 30 barns daily at 4d., less little at 3d. shop £ 14 weekly 3 pram rounds rent low nicely-fitted shop; good house; lease; customers average 1 qt. Price Z725. Near SHEPHERDS BUSH. MILK .—10 barns daily at 4d. shop Z13 to £ 14 weekly; one pram rent 14s. weekly inclusive 4 roomed house. Price ^225 genuine. Near BAKER ST. MILK.-g to 10 barns daily at 4d. shop £10 weekly good house, yard, &c. one pram. Price £180; close offer. SELECTION. NORTH.- 25 barns 4d.; shop £10; prams ^700 PUTNEY.—25 barns 4d. shop £12; 2 prams £645 S.E.—22 barns 4d. shop Z6; 2 prams ^400 WATERLOO.—8 barns 4d. shop Zg; pram £ 140 EUSTON.-Indoor Dairy; trade £ 25 weekly ^130 LAMBETH.-Indoor Dairy; trade Z30 weekly £ 105 WEST .—19 barns 4d. shop £22; 2 prams £525 S.E.-20 barns 4d. shop £ 20; cart £540 WEST .—30 barns 4d. shop £ 2% 3 prams Zgoo FULHAM.—5 barns 4d. shop ^14; pram Offers. S.W.—16 barns 4d. shop^ix; 2 prams ^325 VAUXHALL.—17^ barns 4d.; shop Z6; 2 prams ^35° E.C.—20 barns 4d. shop ^28 2 prams £380 Fuli details of H. WILLINGS & Co., as above. A. ARCHER, 6, ELLIOTT ROAD, NORTH BRIXTON, S.W. Dairy Utensil lnanufacturer. Hand-made Cans a SPECIALITY. Repairs done well, and on the shortest notice. Your custom respectfully solicited. J. D, WILLIAMS & CO., ZD-AJHRTSr AGENTS, 17, HACKNEY ROAD, N.E. MILK.-S.E. Old-established business doing 42 barns daily at 4d., less 6 barns at 3d. to large consumers profitable shop trade £ 25 weekly 3 rounds fine premises rent £ 65, on agreement; present hands 13 years; owner retiring. Price ^"i,050. MILK.—N.E.: 24 barns daily at 4d., less 4 barns at 3d.; shop trade 615 weekly 2 barrow rounds; fine premises; rent £ 36; lease 15 years; same hands 7 years. Price ^525. MILK.—N.: 15 barns daily at 4d., less little at 3d, shop trade ^10; I round; commanding position; can be greatly increased rent £ 50, let off 615 lease 16 years to run must sell owing to ill-health. Price ^325. PURE MILK. 5WEET MILK. Punctually delivered to Wholesale Customers only in any part of London. DAIRY SUPPLY CO., LTD., Museum Street, London, W.C. D. J. TRUSCOTT & CO., Dairy and Tarm Agents and Ualuers, SWANSEA.—20 to 25 barn galls, daily at 4d. ^15° W.—30 barn galls, daily 48.. £ 15 shop £756 SUB.-IS barn galls, daily 4d. £ 30 shop ^5°° W.—15 barn galls, daily 4d. ^4°° S.E.—8 barn galls, daily 4d. £ 9 shop ^160 FULHAM.—9 barn galls, daily 4d. £9 shop £230 SUB.—17 barn galls, daily 4d.; good shop £ 400 SUB.—13 barn galls, daily 4d. £ 8 shop £ 300 Large selection of Indoors from ^40 to ^250. Telephone II, BOND COURT, No. 123b9 Central. WALBROOK, E.C. LLOYD & LLOYD, Estate and Commercial Agents, Valuers and Arbitrators. Farms, Dairies, Shops, and Houses sold. Private Mortgages arranged. Choice Dairies for Sale-All Parts, All Prices. Office 20, BUCKLERSBURY (near the Bank), E.C. T. R. THOMAS & Co., DAIRY AGENTS AND VALUERS, 143, STRAND, W.C. NORWOOD.—30 barns daily 4d. 3 rounds indoor trade ^20 wk. rent ^30; lease £850 WEST. —30 barns 4d. 2 rounds; rent £ 60; let £40; splendid position £700 KENSINGTON.—25 barns 4d. prams shop trade 630 wk. customers average I quart £600 SHEPHERDS BUSH.—18 barns 4d.; 2 prams; shop £24 valuable lease any trial ^55° SOUTH EAST. —20 barns 4d.; one round; shop trade £18 wk. rent £50; let £ 30 £540 OBELISK.-22 barns 4d. 2 prams rent £ 36 part let; same hands years £400 NORTH.—18 barns 4d. 100 lb. butter, 900 eggs weekly rent 642 debts £25 £370 HIGHGATE. —12 barns 4d. 90 lb. butter, 800 eggs; 1 pram; rent £45; let Z30 £ 310 EAST.-12 barns 4d. I pram shop £ 17 wk. rent £40; main road. £ 290 CH IS WICK.—8 £ barns dy. 4d. pram round shop £22; any trial offered; genuine zigo OFFICES 143, Strand, near Somerset House. WILLIAM DAVIES, Dairy and Insurance Agent, 160, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C. To intending purchasers of Cow Businesses and Milk Rounds. Splendid selections. Come to Davies. MILK.—Paddington: 20 barns 4d., shop £ 23, p. £475, pram round. N. 15 barns 4d., shop ^15, I round, p. ^450. S.E. 17 barns 4d., shop £25, I round, p. £300, illness. Indoors, City shop £30, p. £100. Shop £20, 3 barns daily, p. £ \<x>. Shop £ 70, p. ^250. Shop £18, p. /50. Shop £ 40, p. ^200. Shop £50, offers. Great number of milk and shops for instant sale, illness, &c. Call and be suited with choice Dairies. WHEN UP WEST CALL AT THE Coliseum Dairy, 13, BEDFMMm. W.c. Dairyman$Purveyor of Dairy Product. Best quality Butter, Cheese and Hams. Families waited upon with Milk. Noted for excellence of our Eggs. Agents for R. White's Mineral Waters. WELL RECOMMENDED BY OUR CUSTOHERS. Proprietor—J. EVANS. ADVERTISE IN "THE LONDON WELSHMAN." pro- It will Pay You. Metropolitan Dairymen's Benevolent Institution. Founded in 1874 to provide relief for the poor, aged and afflicted, but deserving members ofthedairytrade; as well as the Orphans and Widows of deceased dairymen. Pensions £ 18 to JE40 per annum. Subscription 10s. 6d. per annum. THE 31st ANNIVERSARY DINNER WILL BE HELD IN THE King's Hall, Holborn Restaurant, HIGH HOLBORN, On THURSDAY, DECEMBER the 7th, 1905. FRANK DENNING, Esq. (Managing Director, Welford's Surrey Dairies, Limited), in the Chair. TICKF- T-S-Gentlemen, 7s. 6d. each; Ladies'(Dinner senied in the Gallery), 5s. each. The support of the trade is earnestly solicited by the Stewards and A. N. TEMPERLEY, Secretary, 57, Chancery Lane, W.C. STOCKWELL & CO., Ltd, Shipping Agents and Eicenscd Passage Brokers, Tickets issued to THE CONTINENT, AMERICA, CANADA, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALASIA, and to all Stations on THE LONDON & NORTH* WESTERN RAILWAY CO.'S SYSTEM. Goods, Parcels and Baggage collected and forwarded to all parts of the World. FURNITURE PACKED and SHIPPED in Vags or Cases. ki'nqst^cheaps^de, 8/10, Beak St., Regent St., Tel. Sr^aM LONDON, W. 5073 BANK. Tel. 1721 GERRARD. RHYDYPENNAU INN, BOW STREET. In the County of Cardigan. ESSRS. MORGAN & ROBERTS have MESSRS. MORGAN & ROBERTS have received instructions from Mrs. Morgan, who is retiring from business, to Sell by Public Auction at the Lion Royal Hotel on Monday, the 6th day of November next, At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, the long LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, Situated on the main road about one mile from Bow Street and Llanfihangel Stations, comprising the above well-known Free Licensed House together with Stabling for four horses, Coach-house, with accommodation for two vehicles, Cowsne and other Out-houses, Yard, and large Garden. The property is held under a lease from Sir Pryse Pryse, Bart., of Gogerddan, dated 29th day of September, 1882, for 77 years, at an annua ground rent of £ 2. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Morgan and Roberts, Auctioneers, No. I, New Street, or to Daniel Jones, Esq., of 25, Terrace Road, Solicitor both of Aberystwyth.