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I mom II I ANN ow n Oli Contracts for any Quantity of Milk entered into for Six or Twelve Months' Arrangement A Representative will be pleased to can upon receipt of Post Card. Printed and Published by HARRISON & SONS, at 45, St Martin's Lane London wt, 1 ~^==7 ===== — ===■—— S°NS and MESSRS WM. DAWSON & SONS, LTD. Agents for the S°uthwEH-, Lane> Patern°ster Row, E.C. Agents for Wales-MESSRS. W. H. SMITH ra/ A w ir »°e V J°hannesburg and Buluwayo; QORDON & GO-TCH' r?™ -r A" T™MfS0N & CO., LTD., Melbourne (Victoria), Sydney (N.S.W.), Adelaide, Brisbane (W.A.\ Wellington and Chnstchurch, N.Z. ll0TCH' CaPe Town' Dn-ban (S.A.). Melbourne (Victoria), RHsbane (Queensland), Sydney'N.S.W.), Pertb