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Pobl a Phethau yng Nghymru.

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his Laws from the White House, it was here that the beautiful Nest-the Helen of Wales-heard of the death of the stern old warrior, her father, the last Prince of South Wales, it was to this that Prince Rhys brought his heroic young bride, Gwenllian, the daughter of Gruffydd ap Cynan, it was here that Rhys ap Meredith nursed his dark schemes against Llewelyn ein Llyw Ola', it was around these walls that our last Llewelyn dealt his last shrewd blow at his Norman foes, on the eve of his sad fall at Builth, it was in this castle that Gruffydd ap Niclas-the patron of the Carmarthen Eisteddfod of 145 I -entertained the Lord Whitney and the other Royal Com- missioners who were sent to take him prisoner, it was here that Sir Rhys ap Thomas kept princely state in the first fine days when Welsh Kings sat on the Saxon throne. On the opposite side one can almost catch a glimpse of Carreg- Ceunen, a real crow's-nest of a castle perched on a precipitous crag, and the rich park of Golden Grove, where Jeremy Taylor hid and mused. That fair hill, a few miles to the south, is the far-famed Grangar Hill, and a little lower still is Dryslwyn Castle. But why stop to enumerate ? Every homestead and mansion has its story, as the traveller hurries through Llanegwad, and Pontargeitho, and Nantgaredig. And so we came to Abergwili, where the Bishop of St. David's hopes to live when his palace is restored. And then to Carmarthen, the old capital of South Wales. A town,-with a high rain'd castle, And walls mantled over with ivy With church towers square and strong, And narrow irregular streets And, frequent in street and lane, many Windowed high-shoulder'd chapels." At Tygwyn, close to the town, Sir Richard Steele spent the last years of his chequered life. A greater poet and a better man, Sir Lewis Morris, spends to-day the peaceful evening of a fruitful day at Penbryn, a mile away. At Llanstephan, which might almost be called Aber- Towy, lives Sir John Williams, the greatest benefactor of modern Wales. It is a fair land we have hurried through-a land of calm beauty and of warm hearts.