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Byd y Gan.


Notes from South Wales.


he considered to be a more" respectable" calling, young Owen joined the Church, and to-day he is virulently abusing the faith in which he was nursed. It is a curious fact that renegades, whether clerical or political, are far more abusive towards their quondam friends than others. A man who has been brought up a Churchman, and remains a Churchman, shows far more courtesy and respect, as a rule, to his Nonconformist brethren than the renegade Nonconformist who deserted his principles for the loaves and fishes of the Anglican church. Bishop Owen fully deserved Mr. Lloyd-George's trouncing. The Marquis of Londonderry. Equally smart was the member for Car- narvon's criticism of the Marquis of Londonderry -the man who banged his dispatch box after the interview with the Merionethshire deputation. Mr. Lloyd-George pointed out that the Marquis had failed to pass his exam. at Oxford. Yet, that was the kind of man who posed as an "Educational authority." The picture of the Marquis banging his dispatch box would have made the subject of a capital cartoon. But, unfortunately, the Free Churchmen of South Wales, unlike the Church party, have no smart cartoonist ready to turn such incidents to good account. Aberystwyth Castle. The Aberystwyth Corporation have acted wisely in deciding to reserve the main grounds of the Castle as a place where residents and visitors can enjoy a walk or sit-down in peace. Hitherto, a band of minstrels have been giving performances there, and the decision to prohibit them in future will be welcomed by all who love these beautiful old castle grounds. By the way, the Corporation have not displayed much taste in the manner they have" improved" some portions of the Castle. To cast away the mound on the college side was a foolish thing to do, whilst the erection of the ugly wall just opposite is sheer vandalism. Popularity of Welsh Names. A striking feature of the last ten years is the growing popularity of Welsh names for streets and private residences. The custom is a growing one, not only amongst Welsh people, but amongst the English people who have settled down here as well.