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The Welsh Revolt.


The Welsh Revolt. SERIES OF COUNTY CONVENTIONS. The Welsh National Campaign Committee has organised with remarkable speed the series of great county conventions, covering the whole Principality, which was decided on at the meeting of the Committee at Shrewsbury on May 18th. Mr. Lloyd-George and his Parliamentary colleagues and the most trusted leaders of Welsh Nonconformity will address the conven- tions and the great public meetings by which each will be followed. To these conventions every Nonconformist congregation and every Labour organisation within the area will be invited to send special delegates. From each convention these delegates will convey a direct personal appeal to the congregations and organisations appointing them. Thus by the end of June every county in Wales will have had its own convention, and every hamlet, how- ever remote, and every Nonconformist congrega- tion, however small, will have heard the national call. The Welsh population of England is also being called upon systematically to help in the struggle. Liverpool, which boasts a Welsh- speaking population of 85,000, will have a great Nonconformist Nationalist convention and public demonstration of its own early in June. Mr. Lloyd-George and some of his most popular Parliamentary colleagues have already agreed to attend the Liverpool gathering, for which Mr. Henry Jones is acting as local secretary. Labour leaders and organisations are throwing themselves as energetically into the movement as the Free Churches themselves. "Mabon," M.P., and Mr. Thomas Richards, M.P., for instance, are hardly less zealous than Mr. Lloyd- George Dates and Speakers. Pembrokeshire will open the campaign on June loth. Mr. Wynford Philipps will preside, and the official delegation will consist of Sir Alfred Thomas, M.P., chairman of the Welsh Parliamentary party, and Mr. William Jones, M.P. for North Carnarvonshire. Carnarvonshire will follow on June 15th, when most of the Liberal members for North Wales are expected to take part. Radnorshire will have its convention at Llan- drindod in the same week, Mr. Frank Edwards, the member for the county, presiding, and several South Wales members figuring among the speakers. In the following week the industrial areas of South Wales will be systematically visited. The Monmouthshire Convention will be held at Newport on June 21st, when Mr. Lloyd- George, M.P., Mr. Reginald M'Kenna, M.P., Mr. T. Richards, M.P., and Mr. Brynmor Jones, M.P., with Sir Alfred Thomas, will take part. Glamorganshire will have its field-day on Z, June 22nd. The county convention will be held in Cardiff in the afternoon, and will be addressed by Sir Alfred Thomas, Mabon," Mr. Lloyd- George, Mr. M'Kenna, Sir George Newnes, M.P., Mr. Aeron Thomas, M.P., and Mr. Brynmor Jones. There will probably be a great public meeting in the evening. In the evening of the same day there will be a great public demonstration at Swansea, Sir George Newnes presiding. The next day, June 23rd, Brecon- shire will have its convention and public meeting at Brecon. In the week following similar gatherings will be held as follows For Cardiganshire, at Aberystwyth. For Carmarthenshire, at Carmarthen or Llanelly. For Montgomeryshire, at Welshpool. For Denbighshire, at Denbigh. For Flintshire, at Mold. The date for Merionethshire is not fixed. The series will wind up with the Anglesey Convention in July.